Let’s quit pretending the numbers aren’t in. They are and they tell us to end the lockdowns.

It has been nearly a month since Georgia governor Brian Kemp began ending the lockdown in his state.

As can be expected, the “experts”, the Karens and the assorted Henny Pennies went wild.

They called Kemp every name in the book and predicted mass infections and devastation.

As with in other jurisdictions, Mayors strongly opposed opening the economy again. Why Mayors have such a collective disassociation with economic reality is fodder for another post.

Even Trump jumped in on the dog-pile. This must have been very distressing for the Trump deranged folks who opposed opening things up. On one hand, they agreed with Trump, but on the other hand they couldn’t agree because they were locked into the “Orange Man bad!” mentality with everything he does.

Well, Kemp ignored the shrill cries of the panic porn mongers and went ahead with his plans.

With almost a month behind us since his crazed plan went into action, we can now look at some numbers.

Surely the people of Georgia have been dropping like flies. Doubtless the hospitals and ICUs have been overwhelmed. Chaos and disorder must be reigning right?

Not exactly.

Those damn Georgians ignored the “experts” and refused to die in droves. After opening up their economy, their numbers dropped and continued to do so.

Its funny, it used to be the panic-porn mongers who constantly put out the charts and graphs as they projected doom and gloom. They have pretty much stopped with that as their hysteric projections have proven to be utter bunk.

Now the graphs and charts are coming from people who support ending the lockdowns. The pro-economy folks are not using projections like the Henny Pennies though. We are using real numbers. Perhaps its time that our governments began to do so as well.

Georgia is not an outlier. In every state where lockdowns have ended, the number of infections has decreased.

This trend is apparent worldwide as well as countries end their lockdowns.

It is becoming questionable as to whether lockdowns actually had any impact at all.

People are going out. They are shopping and going to parks. Yes, most are practicing “social distancing” but many are not. If lockdowns were effective, we should have seen infection spikes as increased movement and interaction among people spread the virus even with controls in place.

The spikes never happened. They won’t happen.

When we were locked down supposedly for two weeks to “flatten the curve”, the curve never even materialized as “expert” projections turned out to be garbage. Still, we were told that we must remain locked down because the numbers weren’t in. Surely a mass infection was pending any time now.

We are nearing two months of lockdown. The plague never came and the fearmongers can no longer pretend that we don’t have numbers to justify re-opening.

The other sets of numbers which are coming in are economic and they are indeed dire.

Open, up, now!

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