Let’s get ready to rodeo!

I can’t think of a more Albertan way to push back against pandemic restrictions than to hold a rodeo and Ty Northcott is doing just that on May 1 and 2 in Bowden.

Albertans are more than tired of the interminable excuses and the ever-moving goalposts as pandemic restrictions drag on and on with a negligible impact on public safety. Countless businesses and individuals have gone broke and many more teeter on the edge of insolvency.

Ty Northcott’s rodeo stock business is one of those still hanging in there but it is terribly threatened. Having lost an entire year already due to government restrictions, it is looking likely that the government has no interest in letting the rodeo industry open up this year either. Northcott and others in the industry simply can’t afford that and they are pushing back in the way they know best; they are holding a rodeo.

Ty Northcott with Third Rock
Third Rock at work

This rodeo will also be a rally. There will be presenters and speakers throughout the weekend.

As can be seen below, Ty’s bulls are ready and eager to get to work.

Not everybody is into attending rallies downtown or taking part in other traditional protests. Who doesn’t like a rodeo though? It’s part of Alberta’s fabric, it’s safe, it’s outdoors and it’s simply fun.

This is our way of being able to go out and say to the authoritarians with the government “What are you going to do about it?”.

The Northcott family has been in the business for generations and if we let their business go, it is never coming back.

Harvey Northcott
Art Johnson

The location is ideal. Bowden is right between Red Deer and Calgary and is well within day-trip range. Camping will be available for folks who want to make a weekend of it.

We need to feel human again. We need to gather with others and we need to support our local industries.

You can buy tickets at the gate or through Eventbrite.

Keep up with information on their Facebook page

Get out, have fun, stand up for yourself and support an Albertan industry this weekend. I know that I will..

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