Let’s get ready to rally!

Its early. Its a Monday. Its downtown.

All that said, its important that as many people as possible come out to Calgary city hall this Monday morning to send a message to Mayor Nenshi and his gang of inept city councilors that taxpayers have had enough!

While Alberta’s economy creeps shakily towards economic recovery, Calgary is driving business away with overnight tax increases as high as 425% on businesses!

People are losing jobs and business owners are going bankrupt. This is a true crisis.

Groups and individuals have been warning Calgary city hall for years that their spending is unsustainable. The Mayor and council ignored these voices and continued to hike spending on things such as ugly public art projects and failed vanity projects such as the 2026 Olympic bid. Now city hall is broke and the council appears paralyzed as they pretend that they didn’t see this coming.

We need people to come out in droves this Monday to drive it home to this vacuous gang of city councilors that they need to take some solid action and they need to get on it yesterday!

No more denial. No more kicking the can down the road.

There will be no quick or easy solutions to the problem that this gang of fools has created but they will continue to go nowhere until they understand the gravity of this problem. Yes, they need to get to Step 1.

Make time this Monday and come down to city hall. The business community and their hundreds of thousands of employees are counting on it.

The rally site is here.

Thank you to Kristi Stuart, Kelly Doody and many others for bringing this issue to the fore and getting this rally off the ground.

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