Justin Trudeau is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an electoral springboard

I guess it was inevitable.

With a captive audience locked in their homes and with an excuse to do it, Justin Trudeau (surely under the guidance of his handlers) has allowed his daily news conferences to morph from genuine pandemic response communication sessions into an election campaign.

I am not naive to the ways of partisan politics and do expect some degree of party self-interest to creep into the pandemic response. It is only natural and a principled party can do this while still maintaining the goal of keeping Canadian interests paramount in their actions. Unfortunately the Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau is anything but principled.

In an election campaign, a party’s campaign team will build a platform and a plan well before the writ drops. No party will release their entire plan in the first week of the campaign. It would leave them with nothing to announce daily during the rest of the news cycle. They need something new and shiny to dangle before prospective voters every day and to feed the reporters at daily conferences. That is a wise strategy in an election but it is a disgusting one in an ongoing crisis response.

Every morning Justin Trudeau goes to the microphone and announces a new federal aid program in response to the pandemic. Are we expected to believe that the Liberals are simply only formulating one program per day and are releasing them as soon as they come up with them?

Of course not.

Trudeau and his handlers came up with the bulk of the federal government programs weeks ago. They are holding back on releasing them in order to score daily political points and it is nothing less than disgusting.

This morning Trudeau announced a financing package to aid medium sized businesses. How long have they known that they would be putting out such a package? How many medium sized businesses have folded in the weeks that the Liberals have been sitting on this package in order to announce it on a Monday in hopes of dominating the news cycle?

I understand that things change and some policy is made on the fly but lets get serious here. It is hardly a revelation that medium sized businesses are struggling right now. They all are! This damn package should have been announced weeks ago but that wouldn’t have been politically expedient for the Liberals would it?

As we observe Trudeau’s bizarre overtures to Canadian children in his conferences we see more of an electoral dog and pony show forming. The Liberals and Trudeau are trying to capture that camera lens as much as possible and the goal is not to aid Canadians. It is only to build the Liberal image under Trudeau.

The Liberals are standing with a basket of programs and packages designed to help Canadians economically survive the pandemic lockdown but they will only reach in and pull out one treat per day. They are purposely letting sectors of the public suffer while they model their response based on political needs rather than citizen’s needs.

This crisis and the political benefits associated with it also motivates the Liberals to drag it out as long as possible. They are in a minority situation and this could be just the thing which will aid them in winning back a majority if only they play the response right. When it is clear that the Liberals will withhold aid in order to pad their political capital, it is hardly beyond belief that they will want to keep this lockdown going as long as possible. It gags all of the competing parties while they get a campaign microphone to promote themselves from every morning.

The barking seals in the press gallery won’t call this out of course. They may lose the privilege of tossing Trudeau softball questions so he can respond with platitude laden word salads. Lets just hope that the public sees through this vile show and sends the Trudeau Liberals into electoral oblivion at the first possible opportunity.

One thought on “Justin Trudeau is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an electoral springboard

  1. Cory,
    Unfortunately, the public is not seeing through it yet. Almost everyday someone tells me they don’t normally like Trudeau but he is performing well during this crisis. This blatant vote buying is working for him politically, I can’t see him wanting to wait much longer before he calls a election claiming he needs a majority government to have a mandate from the people.

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