Justin Trudeau enshrines systemic racism in Canada

Race based policies are always wrong.

Let me repeat that a little louder since so few people in leadership seem to understand this principle.


Justin Trudeau just created a new level of systemic racism in Canada when he introduced a government program which will give loans exclusively to black people.

I don’t care what the motivations are for race based policy. It always does more damage than good.

Race based policies kept natives as second class citizens in Canada who had to get a permit to leave the reserve. Race based policies had native children stripped from their homes and dumped into residential schools with catastrophic results. Race based policies created the Jim Crow policies which made black people second class citizens within the United States.

All of the above policies are now thankfully long gone. Unfortunately, a long line of fools seem to feel that through implementing even more race based policies, they will somehow undo the damages of the past.

The only acceptable race based policies are no race based policies. We are all human and should all be under the exact same laws at all times. No racially based schools, programs or laws. What we need is true equality and the only way to get there is to remove all race based laws. We sure as hell don’t need to be adding more of them.

Identity politics are tearing the developed world apart from within and they are fed by race based policies which separate rather than unite us. Entitlement and victimhood are leading to anger and violence. Drawing further lines in the sand based on race are not going to help us all learn to live together.

Whether it’s the Indian Act. affirmative action, or Trudeau’s latest racist policy, they all will do more damage than good.

You can’t put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it and you can’t undo the damage caused by racially based policies with the addition of more racially based policies.

When will we ever learn that two wrongs never make a right?

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