Joe Biden declares that black people who support Trump “ain’t black”

It was a repugnant display of tribal, racial politics.

Biden’s repugnant statement wasn’t just said out loud, he said it to a black man.

Biden’s attitude is well known but they usually use the term “Uncle Tom”. I guess Joe thought that it would soften the blow if he simply told black folks that they weren’t black. That leaves it open to interpretations that they may actually be Asian or Inuit or something.

There will be months of gaffes from Biden as he stumbles through his campaign with a less than stable mind.

This fall’s election will be Trump’s to lose. All Trump has to do is shut up and let Biden do his work for him. Of course with Trump being incapable of shutting up, we may see all sorts of changing in the tides in the next few months yet.

Biden’s chance of winning the hearts of black Republican supporters (many of them do exist) just utterly evaporated. He just caused countless other black folks to either chose to vote for Trump out of sheer spite or to stay home on voting day.

I can’t wait to see what Crazy Joe says next.

Video below.

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