Jagmeet Singh’s soft spot for terrorists is showing

I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Pierre Trudeau. He irreparably damaged Canada and his offspring is carrying on with the family tradition.

One thing that I have to respect Pierre Trudeau for though was his zero tolerance approach to the murderous scumbag terrorists called Front de libération du Québec (FLQ). With years of bombings then escalating to the kidnapping and the eventual coldblooded murder of a foreign diplomat leading to the “October Crisis”, Pierre Trudeau was absolutely justified in invoking the War Measures act.

We had domestic terrorism exploding within Canada and it had to be snuffed out without hesitation or mercy. That is exactly the sort of thing that the War Measures act was created to control. There can be no negotiation with murderous terrorists. That only emboldens them further.

It is not a shock to see the leader of the Bloc Quebecois demanding that Justin Trudeau apologize for his father’s use of the War Measures act. The Bloc are separatists who feel that the FLQ was justified in their kidnapping, killing and bombings.

What is truly pathetic though is Jagmeet Singh backing the demand for an apology. It has been noted that Singh has something of a soft spot for murderous terrorists but I still never expected him to back something as gross as this demand.

Here is some more background on Singh when it comes to his stances on terrorism

Singh was even banned from entering India due to his stances.

Canada’s parliament is in a sad state on so many levels but to see the party leader who holds the balance of power demanding an apology for Canada’s zero tolerance approach to domestic terrorism is a whole new pathetic low.

Ironically, these sorts of actions help destabilize the already tenuous unity of the nation. I am happy to see secessionism grow in Canada. We have the democratic means to pursue those sorts of things however. There is no excuse for terrorism even if the New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh thinks that standing up to terrorists is something to apologize for.

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