Its time for Canada to put the State Broadcaster to rest.

Its hardly news that the CBC is a biased network. They have been left leaning to say the least for decades and that is undeniable from anybody who sits to the right of communism.

Media bias in general is hardly new. Private networks and papers have their leanings and they always have. I have no issue with this. People can vote with their subscriptions and advertising dollars.

Taxpayers have no choices. We have to fund the CBC whether we view and listen to them or not. With no accountability to the viewership, the CBC has been getting more and more biased while their entertainment productions are becoming terrible.

The CBC shilling for the Trudeau government in this election has been nothing less than reprehensible and shameless.

There is little doubt that the biggest blow to the Trudeau campaign has been the exposure of his repeated propensity to dress himself in racist blackface costumes. Since this scandal the CBC has been working tirelessly to try and change the channel and create a conservative scandal. They dredged up Scheer’s responses to questions from 10 years ago. They dug into conservative candidates statements and backgrounds.

The CBC shed what tiny bit of credibility they had when they tracked down and harassed the man who shared the yearbook photos of Trudeau.

“Refused to elaborate”?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Adamson spoke to the press awhile ago, said he felt that Canadians had a right to know and that he had nothing further to say. What the hell elaboration is required? What do you expect?

What the CBC is doing is trying to imply that Mr, Adamson had some nefarious hidden agenda or that he is tied with an organization of some sort. It is sleazy crap journalism and I am ashamed that my tax dollars fund this.

These asshole “journalists” are trying to shoot the messenger in hopes of saving Trudeau’s hide and it’s disgusting.

Why do we need the CBC in this day and age?

Satellite TV and radio now provide coverage to every community in the nation. We have the internet and access to hundreds of news sources at our fingertips. Why does the government need to remain in the media game?

Conventional media is suffering from an increasing deficit of money and credibility as modern technology has flooded the world with information (and misinformation) in an unprecedented way.

The CBC is feeding public distrust of the media in general with their gross bias and they are stealing hundreds of millions of advertising dollars from the rest of Canada’s media outlets as they can undercut other networks due to their getting over $1 billion tax dollars per year.

We can do better things with those tax dollars and other networks can do better things with those advertising dollars.

Its past time to shut down the CBC and sell its assets. Let the private market adjust to the changing world of information and put those scarce tax dollars into services such as health and education where they belong.

Its bad enough that our blackface wearing Prime Minister is a national embarrassment. Lets not have our obsolete State Broadcaster as one as well.

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