It’s OK to be white. Brilliant trolling by 4chan exposes just how insane identity politics have become.

4chan is a large and well established message board on the net. It has been around since 2003 and is something of a free speech, wild west online. It has spawned countless memes ranging from light chuckles to the most tasteless of images. It can be a place for simplistic juvenile chatter or deeper political debate and everything in between. It has a large following and their actions can and have had impact outside of the realm of internet antics.

Identity politics and political correctness have gone beyond absurd in the developed world. People lost in the social justice warrior culture either have found an orientation, lifestyle choice (including religions) or ethnicity that they will fully identify by and will of course then play the victim of big bad society at every possible opportunity. Those who can’t find a niche in order to play the victim game get even more repugnant as they become self-loathing of their own race and apologize for being white along with demanding that others do so too. They are locked into and immersed within a sick world where they feel that a debt is owed to society by all who have been considered to have been born with their perception of racial privilege.

While this sounds exaggerated to people who live within the real world, this malady of thought is epidemic on university campuses and a 4chan stunt exposed this in all its repulsive glory.

Plans were made on the forums to encourage students in universities to go out on Halloween in costume (to avoid the inevitable efforts to prosecute) and to paste flyers and stickers throughout the campuses that held the simple statement: “It’s OK to be white.”.

4chan never made a secret that this was to be a mass trolling. In their own discussions it was said “The next morning, the media goes completely berserk” and “Credibility of far-left campuses and media gets nuked”. You would think that such open and blatant trolling plans would inoculate media and campuses to this but it clearly didn’t.

The 4chan stunt was a spectacular success as hysteria erupted in spots all over North America as idiotic snowflakes exploded upon seeing these ghastly signs greeting them on November 1. Can you just imagine the horror? Akin to openly organizing the KKK at the least!

Police were actually called in Boston and other locations. Is is actually fucking illegal just to say it’s OK to be white?

We are not talking about saying being white is superior to any race. Nobody is saying any race is inferior. Hell, the word pride isn’t even involved. All that is being said is that it’s OK and some crazy social justice warriors truly believe that in saying that, a person should be criminally charged.

Alberta is not immune and was not left out. These stickers popped up at the University of Alberta and the authorities there went predictably haywire. In their statement they said: “We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible.”

Then what assholes? Will you try to have these people charged? Will you have them expelled?

This is our tax dollars at work folks. Our institutions of higher learning.

Bed wetting pussies who go fetal in fear and rage at the simple concept that it may be OK to be white.

Thank you 4chan for helping to expose just how bad things are getting in the bizarro world of social justice.

Clutching pearls and whining about harmless statements is one thing, calling for criminal sanction and expulsion from universities is another. These idiot social justice warriors are getting out of control and are causing real damage. It is past time that folks started pushing back on these insane, identity politics before we become a society even more fragmented and hate filled than we already are.

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