Insurrection ignored. Media silence on “autonomous zone” is deafening

It really takes a lot to surprise me this year. The world has been turned upside down and the depths of human malice and idiocy have been starkly exposed to the point where my expectations of people have hit a lifetime low.

I was not surprised to see violent rioters taking over a large portion of Seattle. The West coast has always been a hub of leftist extremists and they have been trying to recreate the feces and drug filled encampments that they enjoyed with “Occupy” for years now. Gathering in tent cities ostensibly for the sake of the homeless hasn’t cut it for them and the Black Lives Matter riots gave them a new chance to entrench themselves on the property of others.

I was not surprised to see cowardly authorities backing away in light of this rebellion of reprobates.

The abject terror which Mayors & local politicians share when it comes to extremist protesters cripples them with fear and indecision every time. They retreat in callow terror as 0.1% or so of the city’s population has decided to violently take over nine square blocks of urban neighborhood.

The rights of citizens and business owners within this “autonomous zone” have been completely abandoned. These innocent victims are now living at the whim of these insurrectionists. The selective protection of rights by chicken shit politicians is again, not at all surprising.

I am hardly surprised to see these cellar dwelling activists finding their naivety shattered as reality sets in. These same fools invited the homeless to join them during their “occupy” efforts too. The homeless then happily ate their food, shot up in their tents and often assaulted fellow “occupiers”. Most of the homeless tend to have addictions and mental health problems. They are not harmless and are not simply victims of society. These radicals seem determined to re-learn this lesson every time. Not surprised that these idiots are getting hungry either. Mom won’t bring them home cooked meals to the autonomous zone.

I am not at all surprised to see that bandits have risen to the top as anarchy wins the day. Multiple reports have been coming out of Soundcloud rapper Raz Simone who has declared himself as the acting, armed warlord of the autonomous zone. He and his gang have apparently taken it upon themselves to manage the policing in the “autonomous zone” and have been assaulting people. Bandits will always rise to the top when anarchy reigns.

I will now get to the one this out of all of this which has surprised me.

The incredible silence from the mainstream media on this whole thing.

Twitter is flooded with video, pictures and statements from citizens reporting on what is happening in Seattle. Blogs and alternative media publications are reporting on this armed insurrection en masse. Fox News has had some small coverage on this and the odd newspaper has nodded at this unfolding event but for the most part, the major media players are avoiding this for all they are worth.


In a year packed with stories of the century, this is another story of the century. This is a literal armed insurrection which has taken over a part of the United States of America. They have declared themselves as an autonomous nation within a nation. They are making their own laws and are apparently even “taxing” (extorting) from local business owners. This should be headline news around the bloody world.

Does the mainstream media fear that in reporting on this, they would be encouraging further actions in different cities? I assure you that the opposite is the case. As long as these people get away with this, extremists around the world will only feel emboldened. Rest assured, other crazed activists are trying right now to find a way to carve out their own little “autonomous zone” in their own cities.

Ignoring these extremists won’t make them go away. That tactic was tried with “occupy”. It took months but eventually every city had to physically go in and remove the criminal squatters. These people truly don’t have anything better to do. This “Capitol Hill autonomous zone” will not be negotiated away. Their demands are absurd and will never be met. These people will have to be removed by force. The only question now is when.

We are seeing a dystopian novel literally unfolding before our eyes. While terrifying, it is also fascinating. Reporters and journalists must be chomping at the bit to get out there to directly cover this unique and unfolding story. They should be almost stacked on top of each other to get a breaking piece or scoop on this.

Instead, we have the media version of crickets.

This is indeed surprising, disappointing and distressing.

If the mainstream media can’t bring themselves to fully cover this, what else are they holding back on?

This is why I and others are not saddened as we see mainstream media institutions crumbling as alternative media sources increasingly are eating their lunches. I do feel for the people being laid off, but as long as their employers continue with an agenda contrary to public interest, the public will continue to lose interest in them.

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