Incapable of learning a lesson.

 While Special Ed petulantly refuses to welcome Alberta’s latest member to the legislature, Diane Colley-Urquhart is displaying why she earned “also-ran” status and was blown away in the by-election and displaying that she has not a clue why.

 Here is one quote from Colley-Urquhart post-election:

“”I have no comment on the Wildrose Alliance party. I don’t know much about them at all,”

 OK so lets get this straight, after 28 days of campaigning you still don’t know much about the winning party. Wow, way to campaign with an informed plan. Your myopic ignorance of electoral trends served you well Diane.

 From further into the piece:

“She added she didn’t know why a majority of voters in the byelection gravitated toward the party, choosing it instead of the long-ruling Tories and the established Liberals. She suggested reporters ask voters.”

 How profound! Diane, listen to yourself. You had a month to ask the voters and clearly you did not. In your arrogance you told the voters rather than actually listened to them. Now you are essentially blaming the voters for not choosing such a great candidate as you feel you are.

 Diane you are the Queen of acclamation. I suspect that in a year from now you will not be given a free ride as you have in past municipal elections. If you continue to pout, you will not learn anything from this electoral experience and may very well find yourself completely unemployed in a little more than a year. You have no government job to hedge your electoral bets in the municipal elections, I suggest that you spend this year studying why you were so soundly defeated in what was considered a safe seat for you.

 No need to thank me for the advice Diane. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Incapable of learning a lesson.

  1. I would be lying if I said it had never crossed my mind. I live in Bob Hawkesworth’s turf and as you pointed out in your posting it is past time for him to go (among many others).

    My plate is pretty full on the provincial front though so I suspect that I will not be running but I certainly will be supporting some candidates in the race when it comes.

  2. Cory, you’re one of the few (actually this is the only blog I know of) that puts any effort into shining light on municipal politics. Come next election, you’ll probably see a spike in search engine traffic… I’m looking forward to it! I’ll do what I can to help. 🙂

  3. How DCU managed to run and keep her #yyccc job is beyond me, but ur post would be OMFG~LMFAO if it wasn’t true. Change the P at the end of Leadership to a T…
    I disagree with you somewhat about Hawkesworth. I find him to be very engaged 7 approachable, but he does have a little test before him I am following closely… we’ll see…

    • What else can we expect from this caeerr suckup Mar. We have Horner who is Ed Lite and Mar who is Ralph without all the Carbs, meaning Ralphs last 2 years when he should have taken a hike. We need a fiscal conservative NOW, Morton will put his stamp on the monetary system and put a stop to this “globall warming” spending insanity, get back to REAL business, not an Algore Suzuker wet dream money theft scheme!

  4. An old lesson at that, from the Art of War:
    If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

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