If in the Liberal’s shoes, would you put Trudeau in the debates?

Let’s not beat around the bush here.

Canada is currently enjoying the reign of the dumbest Prime Minister in our country’s history.

Justin may have the hair and he has the family name, but he simply doesn’t have a hell of a lot between his ears. Four years of his follies have established that pretty clearly.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a Liberal strategist. Would you really want to give Trudeau any more chances to screw up than you have to?

Things are looking pretty good. Jagmeet Singh has proven to be only a little brighter than Trudeau and Andrew Scheer couldn’t inspire a circle jerk at a sex addicts convention.

Despite the scandals, it looks like all the Liberals have to do for the next 38 days or so is to hold the course and not make any profound mistakes.

The biggest liability the Liberals have is when Justin tries to think for himself and goes off script. We saw how dearly he suffered when he tried to explain how his family drinks from water box sort of thingies and his antics when he chewed through his straps while in India will be comedy gold for decades.

The Liberals will coach Justin long and hard with hopes that he manages to get through the one and only debate that he will be participating in.

Justin will simply have to regurgitate his rehearsed lines for a couple hours while Rosie blows kisses at him from behind her podium.

There simply is no way they could put Trudeau in any other debates. There aren’t enough weeks remaining to train him for it and they will never find another panel more Liberal friendly. They have everything to lose and little to gain by putting the Little Potato on the microphone any more often than they have to.

It is frustrating and annoying to see the Prime Minister avoiding open engagement with Canadians during the very period that he should be speaking the most, but one can understand why his handlers feel it must be so,

Our Imbecile in Chief simply needs to look pretty and to avoid trying to think for himself until election day.

The worst part of all is that this strategy may very well work. Justin may be an idiot but his strategists aren’t.

Just imagine what the Little Potato could do with four more years to use parliament as his personal playpen.

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