I have lost hope in the UCP

Slowly but surely I had been getting less confident in Kenney’s UCP as they seemed to stumble from one inept mess such as the energy war room to starting a war with Alberta’s doctors. They barely showed the courage to touch the deficit and have been all talk with no action when it comes to dealing with Ottawa.

Their lurching and cowardly approach to the non-pandemic has been brutal. Constant wretched projections from “experts” which proved to be utter pap. Our hospitals languish empty while our businesses have been driven to their knees.

This disgusting bait and switch on opening businesses today was the final straw.

How fucking stupid can these guys be?

Do they any idea what they just did to hundreds of small businesses in Calgary who believed them when they were told that an opening was coming tomorrow?

I owned a pub for five years. You don’t simply turn on a light switch and open the doors after having been closed for months.

What few business owners remained, just took what few dollars they may have left in order to deep clean their places, put up new barriers, pay staff for meetings in order to bring in new policies, buy and prep thousands in perishable stock and likely advertise their partial reopenings.

With less than 12 hours to go, Kenney just ripped the fucking rug out from under them.

Yes, Calgary is leading the province in infections. So damn what? We have less than 120 people in the hospital for COVID and less than 16 in ICU in the entire damn province of 4.3 million people! It is squat! We do not have a rampaging plague killing people.

We do have an economic crisis looming like we have never seen before though and this latest move has doubtless just killed countless businesses who were on their last legs.

What is the point in hanging in there now? Borrow more? Wait more? Put off your staff longer?

Why believe this government and prep for any re-opening now? An owner will have no idea until the last damn second if the re-opening is actually allowed or not. They can’t prep for that! They have already learned the price they will pay for believing the government on this.

Many are saying to hell with it today and they didn’t need to.

I am not sure who I will be supporting in the next election but right now the UCP is a hard no. They have three years to win back my support but I will be spending my time now looking for and developing an alternative.

If they can’t get something as straightforward as this right and they truly lack this much courage, I just can’t see a future with the United Conservative Party.

I don’t take party loyalties lightly and don’t give them up easily.

I find myself without a choice here.

I am politically homeless.

For now.

4 thoughts on “I have lost hope in the UCP

  1. Food service providers should collect their receipts for perishables and file a class-action lawsuit against the provincial party in an attempt to bankrupt them and force a quick election. UCP is already dead – just a matter of time now. Bring back the Wild Rose.

  2. Well Cory. You know me. I’m completely disgusted with this whole entire thing across the board. We all need a better option, enough is enough!!!

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