Give Albertans their report from the “Fair Deal” panel now Premier Kenney

So much for government transparency. I have had to submit a FOIP request to get the report of the “Fair Deal” panel which was released to government days ago and which Jason Kenney refuses to share with the Albertans who own it.

It is not hard to tell that the government understands that they are doing something shameful when they put the release out on the Saturday of a long weekend.

The Kenney government wants Albertans to forget the time they took to attend winter meetings throughout the province to share their thoughts on Alberta’s role within confederation. The government doesn’t feel that Albertans have the right to see what was concluded after 40,000 people submitted their thoughts online.

It is pretty sad that I have to go to this trouble to see a document which I already bought as a taxpayer but I will not let this go nor will other Albertans.

I have also linked to an online petition. Albertans need to stand up and demand the information which is rightfully theirs.

Is the timing inconvenient for the Premier?

Too damn bad.

We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

There is no reason to delay the release of the “Fair Deal” panel any longer.

It isn’t Jason Kenney’s report. It is Albertans.

Please click though, sign and share the petition below.

We can’t let this slide under the radar.

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