George Clark is discrediting rational opposition to government in Alberta

Notley’s Bill 6 was a disastrous fiasco that was dumped on Alberta’s agricultural producers with little to no consultation with stakeholders and even less respect shown to them. The carbon tax is a tax on essentially everything which will add even more pressure on Albertans who are already reeling from a recession.

Let’s face it. The Notley NDP were essentially accidentally elected by Albertans who were repulsed by the ongoing unprincipled actions of the Prentice PCs along with Danielle Smith. The Wildrose Party was under new leadership and simply did not appeal to a majority of voters at that time. We are all now experiencing some extreme buyer’s remorse in Alberta as we see just how extreme and damaging the Notley administration is.

All that being said:


We have to be realistic here. Under our system, Notley very well may not call an election until 2020 should she choose to stretch it out and there is not a damn thing we can do about that!

Petitions and demonstrations showing our general ire and opposition to Notley or specific pieces of legislation are a good thing. While it may not feel like it, those demonstrations will have an effect on how the government acts in days to come.

George Clark and his petition movement are pushing something altogether different. Clark is taking advantage of frustrated Albertans and has essentially created an urban legend in which a government can be forced into binding plebiscites and possibly even unseated if the government refused to participate. Let’s be clear here. George Clark is simply peddling bullshit!

Normally I disregard the flakes such as Clark who try these sort of initiatives as they tend not to get anywhere or influence many people. Clark is different in that he has managed to collect a sizable following despite his case being completely unsound.

In the image below, Clark sounds outright nuts as he is essentially implying that he will be unseating the Notley government on February 9th through some special method he has discovered. He is apparently keeping the exact details to himself as the government may move to stop him if they figure it out. In reading his writings, he is starting to sound rather mad.


When rational people such as our elected opposition members have refused to play into Clark’s fairy tales, he turns on them with a similar vehemence that he has displayed towards the Notley government as can be seen below where he bitches about the Wildrose MLAs not supporting his fallacy.


Notley will be just as much in power on February 10th as she is today. Who knows what Clark’s planned stunt will be on the steps of the legislature on February 9th. I imagine it will involve him ranting and raving about a perceived constitutional or legal loophole that simply doesn’t exist until he is removed.

These sorts of actions end up painting all who are in opposition to the Notley government as being extreme or delusional. Not only will Clark’s efforts not succeed in unseating the government, they make legitimate initiatives in opposition tot he government look like they may be coming from the same crackpot fringe as Clark’s bunch.

I don’t mean to insult all of those who are following Clark out of hope or desperation. Your average Albertan is too busy working to pay the bills (or seeking work) to be reading election and constitutional legislation in detail. The bill of goods Clark is selling sounds appealing on the surface and people are innocently jumping on board.

The next election is both around the corner and forever away. We as Albertans need to get it together and create the electoral alternative that will legitimately unseat the Notley NDP in the next general election. Whether that party will be the Wildrose, a rejuvenated PC party, a coalition of both or a whole new entity remains to be seen. Whatever the vehicle turns out to be, it will take a lot of work and a lot of realistic thought, planning and actions. Clark is providing none of those and is distracting from real and rationed efforts.

I look forward to seeing Clark’s myth busted on February 9th but am sad at the damage the initiative is causing.

17 thoughts on “George Clark is discrediting rational opposition to government in Alberta

  1. I would love to comment on this on the Albertans for NDP page, but can’t because i asked for facts twice, now I’m gagged, no longer able to comment. I have never sworn or put anyone down, I guess this is how communication is done, only those who think alike allowed. Makes for lousy conversation, but everyone agrees.

  2. We are all well aware that she is here for 3.5 more years. But do us all a favour let us have our hope. The lieutenant governor does have the right to force a plebiscite vote. That is all we are asking. Let us vote on these bills. Let us have a voice. We are the majority. The silent majority and we need to be heard. We will fight this and her tooth and nail if need be till the bitter end of her term.

  3. Did you or did you not hold a petition signing at your pub for the very thing you are ranting against? Yes I wish George hadn’t made those stupid comments, and I do wish he had just hand delivered the petition to the Lt. Governor. But things are as they are. I do not how many signatures he has, or if it will have any effect, but at the very least it sends a message. Sorry you disagree.

    • Sure. I support petitioning as I said in the posting. The petition was not presented at that time as some sort of scheme to unseat the government however. I cant and don’t support what it has morphed into.

      • Just because you are not willing to fully stand behind what you have signed, doesn’t mean that George is now doing what you claim. Any person potitioning for what they believe in, will continue to push for change. There are many who view NDP as radicals and their behaviors have not proven to be socialist. You are making accusations based on your opinion. Fight for what you believe in and not against the person you no longer agree with.

  4. Thanks for sharing your opinion Cory. Like yourself, I too look forward to February 9th at the Legislature assuming that Notley doesn’t change the opening of the Spring Session on short notice. Two questions though. Who is Kuro Kubora? Which part of legally, peacefully and democratically makes me a crackpot or entitles you to accuse me of peddling bullshit? Just because you don’t know why or how something works doesn’t give you the privilege of attacking somebody that does. And please take a look at the Power of LOVE message that we base our actions on. You appear to be in need of less anger and more good cheer. Perhaps recognizing that Resistance is the greatest feature of Democracy, even when exercised by conservatives in opposition to socialists. We will continue our peaceful exercise in Democracy and on February 9th Alberta will be a shining example of democracy in action, not the ranting and raving over a loophole like you assume.

  5. Clueless Cory! Got it! This is what it looks like from the other end of the room except now you’re the one who is spreading lies!

  6. I can’t believe Mrs. Notley. Here again showing a new all-time low… Mr. Clark and our grass roots movement, has never used threats of violence. For Mrs. Notley to use this as a defense card is to show how low she is willing to go. Next I would bet Mrs. Notley will be using the race card against her fellow Albertans … Mark my words. The NDP are showing their true color when is come to a good democratic fight. It was right to give them a White Feather … Mr. Clark and our grass roots movement is with all Albertans and only reflect the true love of our province and the people that live here! Respect and Love is Mr. Clark’s words. Shame on you NDP….and others that would defame the good democratic work and process that is our right to engage in.

  7. Stupid Canadians and Albertans will get what they voted for. They don’t care how much misery they cause because they really are stupid. There can be no other reason.

  8. I am an ordinary citizen of Alberta. I live here, I work here. I have a everyday normal life. I do however recognize a unstable, or radical mind when I chance to meet one. I have to say I have met George Clark personally, and in no way shape or form did I perceive him to be anything but calm, intelligent, and full of good grace. His drive and initiative are to be commended. He truly has a concern for the people of Alberta, and for our great province itself. In not one single instance over the last few months have I heard or seen George Clark attempt to incite anyone into an action that is hurtful nor violent. In fact he encourages us all to do our homework and draw our own conclusions. We are not sheep, we do have minds, and a far greater number of normal Albertans are extremely well educated and have the right to follow whomever they choose to. From all the comments I have read in response to the article you wrote, I would say its you Cory Morgan that is doing the majority of the ranting.. P.S, perhaps you should do your homework too.

  9. I honestly can not believe a person in Rachel’s position can knowingly do the damage to ALBERTANS that she is doing and still sleep at night. Let a lone sticking her nose in Saskatchewan’s government buisness when she is doing such a poor job of representing her own province. Everything has to be a secret as far as public is concerned when it comes to NDP.

  10. Cory has this one down cold. George Clark is a well-intentioned guy who thinks that he can petition the Lt. Gov. to dissolve the government with a few thousand signatures. He can; the Lt. Gov. will laugh and laugh. Rachel will laugh and laugh and Cory will get to say “I told you so”.

    What’s not evident or being reported in all of this is the money that George is taking in from donations and what he is doing with it. Just another revenue stream in tough times George?

  11. Reading this was interesting . I liked the measured responses to Cory .We all have a right to our opinions .Even if we had voted NDP in that doesn’t stop us from stating our displeasure with some or all of their programs .
    I read no swearing or nastiness in the replies totally polite nice .
    I have a point I would think that any elected Premier presented with a very large petition from the subjects of the province would take that petition would at the very least realize that there were many people very unhappy with the Govt policy as this took a lot of hard work to prepare .now if they were only slightly upset this effort would not have been taken . An elected leader is put there as a representative of every voter ,as opposed to a dictator who answers to none
    So in my mind a smart Premier might well rethink the way in which they are dealing with the voters after all not everyone voted for them it fallows that they have some explaining to do .
    Settled by tough emigrant men and even tougher women ,tested by the dirty 30s
    Albertans are not sheep. never have been, never will be ,have you ever heard the nickname TEXAS NORTH that’s not just because of oil it’s a mind set. So let the discussion begin .

  12. There better be a legitimate way to remove a elected politician for to elect someone and have them not do or try to do as promised and change their agenda possibly harming us would be unfathanable!! They need to be removed if they are not doing as the majority wishes END OF STORY!!

  13. Who is George Clark – obviously a true Progressive Conservative. Where was his petition with the PC’s BIll 36? A real threat to rural land owners. Notley listened to the rural community and made changes to BIll 6 to protect the farming family but it is her duty to protect the hired employees too. What is wrong – do Albertans not think about the devastating accidents that occur on a farm every year. I grew up on a farm and know that this Bill was necessary and I respected her decision to protect the traditional farm family also. She listened – we have not a Premier do that since Lougheed!

    As far as the price of oil goes – this has nothing to do with Notley however her decision to deal with carbon emissions made the oil companies happy and we now have provinces at least open to discussing pipelines – something that has not happened at all with our previous government. We would have a healthy Heritage Fund if we had not experienced 30 years of PC’s reckless spending – it was criminal!

    We do notice that the youth and the seniors of the community are recognizing how much Notley is willing to listen – I think it is just my age group (sadly) that are like PC cult – and have the inability to recognize a good thing when it finally arrives!

    P.S. there would be another 20,000 Albertans out of work if the PC party had been elected because they had a plan to cut health care workers – not a good idea – we already have a shortage and now we finally have a Health Minister that wants to make it work!!! Give your heads a shake! Think before you sign!

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