Fossil fuels aren’t going away but it would be nice if Elizabeth May did

Elizabeth May may have resigned as the Harridan in Chief of the Canadian Green Party but clearly she still speaks for them and the Ottawa media eagerly gives a national platform to her vapid rantings.

This week it has been May’s bold declaration that “oil is dead” as a product and that the government should simply let the industry die in order to usher in a green new world of renewable energy generation.

Governments literally would have to kill the fossil fuel industry in order to force the world to move on to expensive, destructive and inefficient “green” renewable energy sources. Despite decades of subsidies, free land and lapse regulation from governments trying desperately to get renewable energy to take hold, it simply hasn’t happened.

Over 80 percent of the energy on earth is still coming from fossil fuels. Oil, gas and coal are still the most cost effective means of generating energy on the planet.

As we enter what will be a protracted period of world economic recession or possibly depression, only an abject imbecile would propose raising the cost of living for the entire planet by shutting down our main forms of energy generation. Elizabeth May stepped up to that plate however.

May and her ideological brethren are still reeling from the evisceration of their blessed renewable energies in Michael Moore’s film, “Planet of the Humans”.

Moore didn’t really expose anything new with his documentary. Energy experts and economists have long been pointing out the folly of wind, solar and biofuel projects. Moore however has long been a staunch ally of the hard left and his piece exposed the renewable energy scam to a whole new audience.

Renewable energy was a tough sell at the best of times. Between the record low prices of conventional energy sources and the revelations in Moore’s film, it is going to be nearly impossible to get the public onside with heavily subsidized wind and solar projects while governments go broke.

Here in Alberta we saw a stark example of this. Medicine Hat has some of the most abundant and cheap natural gas reserves on the planet. In light of this, somebody decided to pump $13 million into a solar project in the area.

It didn’t even make it four years before going broke.

Elizabeth May and her following had wrapped their world around promoting renewable energy sources as the solution to their perceived problems with the world. Their raison d’être has been obliterated and rather than changing their views, the “green” set has instead decided to go out kicking and screaming.

We have few bright lights to look forward to in coming years. While low prices for oil and gas are brutal on fossil fuel producers, they are great for the economic recovery of the world.

Energy impacts the price of everything in the modern world. Keeping the cost of consumer products low will be integral and having low energy costs will greatly aid in that. Other oil products such as fertilizer and plastics will maintain low prices as well and the struggling world will benefit.

Nobody reasonable is going to be switching to expensive Teslas with environmentally catastrophic batteries. No farmer is going to move to pure manure as a fertilizer product and no homeowner is going to invest in solar panels which will have to be replaced before they even come close to paying off their investment. The reason for all of that is simply that oil and gas are more efficient and cheaper than all the other alternatives at this time.

I am not big on the concept of government bailing out oil and gas industries. Canada just needs to get the hell out of the way. The ridiculous and pointless regulations make it nearly impossible to produce in Canada. Endless delays in major projects along with state cowardice allowing criminal protesters to block work has made Canada an awful place to do business. If the government would simply support the industry through getting rid of the absurd hurdles it currently has, the industry wouldn’t need a bailout. A smaller industry would remain and it would be ready for if and when fossil fuel prices inevitably recover.

Oil and gas are not going away. They are more important than ever and they will be for decades to come.

The only thing truly going obsolete is the past “green” movement and it’s outgoing leadership personified in folks like Elizabeth May.

Don’t go away mad Liz. Just go away.

4 thoughts on “Fossil fuels aren’t going away but it would be nice if Elizabeth May did

  1. Dr Tim Ball – Historical Climatologist

    Book ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.

    Book “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    BREAKING – Dr.Tim Ball wins against Dr Michael Mann lawsuit

    There is no political will to develop our oil and resources in Canada.

  2. After that Jason Kenney baby la la rant yesterday, it’s time for Quebec to invest heavily into electric vesicles and infrastructure. Quebec is one of the largest producers of electricity in the world. Why not build the cars in Laval. Cut oil consumption down to basically nothing. Alberta will be getting trillions from Ottawa in the next 12 months to prop up it’s failing oil industry. So it’s very rich that he thinks he’s in the driver’s seat.

    Oil isn’t going away, but we can drive oil costs down by using more diverse fuel sources.

  3. As if there wasn’t ample earlier evidence of Lizzie getting lost in an ideology to the point where all sense and reason had left – this latest mumbling and ravings should be proof positive. How goofy to think that Canada (and the world) can just turn off oil and somehow function with renewable energies. Lizzie would have Canada import all oil from the rest of thew world rather than buy from Canadian oil companies. I realize her hate for Alberta and the leading role they’ve played in the economic success of Canada has blinded her (and has apparently influenced the Premier of Quebec as well). Will this madness ever end?

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