Ezra Levant demonstrates the depth of environmental demonstrators.

Yes, Ezra can be pretty bombastic and likes to work things up. In his going to these protests and covering just what those people are about though he is providing a good service to us all.

The usual coverage we see from media attending protests will be short interviews with the paid protest leaders who will fire out some short, canned statements as they have been trained. A person really needs to get on the ground with the fools who fill the ranks at these protests to see just how vapid and empty these protests really are.

I certainly learned first hand how pointless the entire “occupy” movement was in my regular visits on their illegal squatting encampment in a Calgary city park. The sights, sounds and yes indeed even smells of these protests really to have to be personally experienced to be fully appreciated.

Most people have no interest in going to check on these ragtag collections of union-organized, professional malcontents and I really don’t blame them. The next best thing a person can do though is look at interviews and coverage such as what Ezra has provided in his work yesterday. It really is worth a watch.

The truth is stranger than fiction with these people.

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  1. Everyone should see this scope of video that Ezra has put together.
    The Kooks on the street have no idea what is going on except to remain militant to the very end.
    They are indeed profession protestors and criminals that need to be placed in a correctional facility and educated. Not likely that is ever going to happen and the icing on the cake is the woman who didn’t know Ezra was interviewing her face to face.
    Shows how much the radicals know little or nothing about what they are protesting.
    To their way of thinking, it really doesn’t matter as long as they are gainfully unemployed and active dissidents.
    Hard to believe these folks even vote – but hey, that’s life.

  2. It has always been obvious that many of these protesters are “professional” though professional is not how I would describe them. Professionals are prepared for their tasks. They were not.

    Question #1 — how many are on welfare — thus doubledipping?

    Question #2 — would Bill C-377 exposed payments to such individuals from Unions?

    Ezra Levant’s program was excellent for its outing of the lack-of-intelect of these protesters — keep on thinking of the “useful idiots” line from Lenin.

    It also reminded me of an incident 25 or so years ago with some Green Peace activists/employees.

    I had come over to meet a colleague from grad school before we went out to see some blues bands — she was sharing a house with a bunch of greenpeace activists/employees. As she was getting ready shared some conversation with the greenpeace types. They got extremely excited when they found out I had done some graduate work in hydrogen fuel cells. It seems that many of them had heard of a Dr. David Scott who was a proponent of hydrogen fuel cells and who had sparked my interest in the field and was pushing the “hydrogen economy”.

    Anyways they were so excited and enthralled with hydrogen fuel cells. Being aware of Greenpeace’s campaign of being anti-nuclear I was taken aback. I told them that the Hydrogen economy as proposed by Dr. Scott actually encourages the use of nuclear power and that in off-hours nuclear power plants would produce hydrogen. They were shocked by this and dead set against this.

    So I said well there are 5 coal generating plants in Ontario that could also do this job — they were dead set against it because of “acid rain” though by that time filters in these plants filtered out sulphur based byproducts (cause of acid rain).

    Well their next jump was to hydro-electric power — great — except requires the flooding of major river valleys and dams are well known as being collection points of heavy metals such as mercury. Oh my they were against that — Minamata desease et al.

    Well of course they pointed out that wind turbines was ecologically better. I pointed out that they are great bird whackers. Since then statistics have pointed out that wind farms whack 10,000+ birds per year. Southern Alberta has shown that stat to be true, way more than the 400 ducks in the tailing ponds of Ft McMurray. They were dead set against that.

    Anyways the last resort to those energy ignorant individuals, is that solar cells was the way. Basically pointed that solar cells based on silicon required selenium to manufacture which is also the most toxic substance in the world. So where should they dump the selenium? Needless to say, I pointed out to meet the power requirements of Ontario they would have to chop down most of the forest in ontario to replace it with solar panels to meet the energy requirements of ontario — so what happens at night — you need lead-acid batteries to hold the charge — oh my another toxic substance in the landfill when it dies.

    They were freaked and could not understand that energy was a requirement and no matter what there was a cost. Of course to them all were unacceptable.

    I pointed to their pretty power sound system and said — how do you plan to power that? You enjoy a nice cold one on a hot summer day — how do you plan on keeping that cold?

    It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I was actually surprised that employees of Greenpeace were so ignorant of energy generation techniques and the foot print they give — you like it or not, civilization leaves a footprint and requires energy.

    Funniest part of this story, if global warming is real, Nuclear energy is the best alternative to minimize CO2 production 🙂

    Even fulltime Greenpeace activists were not the brightest lights on the block.

    That is a fact!!!

    BTW I forgot,

    hydrogen is a greenhouse gas and also destroys the ozone layer.

    Oh my.

  3. Ezra is the only TV journalist/reporter in this country with the gonads to walk into a crowd of this pitiful ilk and get in their faces as to exactly what they’re about. More power to him, and Sun News!

    It’s been a long, long time since CBC and CTV have darkened my living room with their pathetic liberal left pandering to extremists and whackos.

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