Every city should have a CHAZ

CHAZ stands for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It is an area in Seattle where a number of urban city blocks have been occupied by a group of extremists for some weeks now after rioters chased police from their own precinct. Different self-appointed warlords speak for CHAZ at different times and they have been trying to rename their little encampment to CHOP lately. It is as one would imagine, a chaotic mess.

The picture above shows one of the self-appointed, armed border guards of the CHAZ. Surely a safe, well trained and self-controlled individual.

Prominent CHAZ warlord Raz Simone and his gang have been policing CHAZ at night and has violently punished offenders who commit crimes without his express permission.

Raz’s law enforcement appears to still have some holes in it as thefts are rampant while multiple shootings and murders have happened in the CHAZ in the last few weeks.

The Marxist paradise of CHAZ appears to be having growing pains.

So why on earth would I propose that every city should have a violent, lawless slum within it?

Bear with me here.

There is a subculture of extremists and losers who want and will use any excuse to set up long term squatter encampments such as the CHAZ. They did so with “Occupy” years ago or even more recently on rail lines within Canada. All they are seeking is an excuse.

The “occupy” movement began with marches of thousands in cities throughout North America. Many rational people came out to express their concerns peacefully in demonstrations and then went home.

The irrational and extreme decided to stay and set up camp however.

The “occupy” camps were the same throughout North America. They were filthy tent-cities filled with disturbed people being enabled by outside socialists who would fund them and drop off food before heading back to their more comfortable, capitalist funded domiciles. Rapes, thefts, overdoses and assaults were common throughout the encampments as police shied away from them.

It was revealed in many of these camps that most of the tents were actually empty and had been set up to try and demonstrate a larger movement.

Eventually every city had to finally find the courage to ask police to clear out the bums. The evictions were often violent as squatters resisted their eviction and the cleanup costs added up to millions when cities were all combined.

In Toronto, a group of violent, extremist squatters has set up camp in the square in front of City Hall.

These people have no rational purpose or mission. No realistic set of demands and nothing better to do apparently.

They quickly get violent with any press as can be seen below and Toronto authorities are terrified of them.

It is inevitable that these squatters will have to be kicked out eventually and it wont go easily. In kicking the can down the road, politicians and other people in authority are simply letting these people entrench.

Since these encampments appear to be inevitable, I am proposing that we allow them and control them.

Think of it like the way parents used to deal with kids who were caught smoking. They made them smoke a whole package of cigarettes in one sitting so that they got so ill, they no longer were interested in smoking.

Why don’t we let these ambitious Marxists all have their own little autonomous zones so that they can truly experience and enjoy a world without those nasty things such as police and laws?

Every city has some undeveloped lots somewhere. Let’s put those barren spots to use.

Declare a large, undeveloped lot as an autonomous zone within every city. Put a large, chainlink fence up with limited gates and let the anarchists have their spot.

Let these people demonstrate how they can run an autonomous paradise free from those evil systems and controls which they claim to want to eschew.

Lead by example young Marxists!

Prove us all wrong. Create an egalitarian utopia in all these cities! Surely people will soon flood to join you in these paradises and perhaps even begin to buy neighboring lots so that your beautiful nations can expand!

These autonomous zones will provide a release valve when extremists try to set up camp in city parks and at halls which are for public use.

They can be told “Get the hell out of here! Here is a map to the local autonomous zone!”

The rights of the extremists to use squatting as a form of free expression can be protected but they can be contained.

The working world can carry on with their lives of being productive and paying bills unhindered by socialist extremists who can work to try and form the first successful communist states within their little autonomous zones.

This method would beat the ongoing game of playing whack-a-mole and knocking down illegal squatter encampments as they pop up and perhaps allow some lessons in reality to sink in with these extremists.

There really is little to lose. These people truly don’t have anything better to do or anywhere else to be so let’s give them their space in order to do what they do.

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