Evan Woolley threatens Calgary businesses

Calgary Ward 8 city councilor Even Woolley has been a strong advocated for bending to the demands of Black Lives Matter and defunding the city police force. Things in city hall got heated as the debate to cut funding to the city police was ongoing. Ward 4 councilor Sean Chu is a longtime veteran of the city police force and he has been outspoken in his support for maintaining funding for the city police.

These tensions led to Woolley making the belligerent and troubling statement pictured above.

In calling his fellow councilor an “ignorant moron” Woolley was simply demonstrating himself as being the childish, petulant prick that he is. Much like the city’s Mayor as a matter of fact. Rude but par for the course in the city hall environment developed under a decade of Nenshi’s stewardship.

What is more disturbing in the statement from Woolley was his rather direct threat towards businesses who may contribute to his council rival.

What does Woolley mean when he says that donors are a “target” that he will push?

Is Woolley saying that he will use his council influence to try and somehow punish donors to Chu’s campaign? Is Woolley implying that things such as development permits or approvals may be delayed or declined as he “targets” these businesses? Or is Woolley saying that he plans to try to use his position of public visibility in order to attack and shame donors to Chu’s campaigns? Something like Gil McGowan tried to do with businesses which donate to UCP supporting PACs?

This is a very ugly scenario.

The ability to donate to candidates of choice is a key democratic right which every council member and the Mayor rely upon. To threaten the donors to a rival is no small thing and it is an affront to democracy. It is also a vulgar abuse of power.

I suggest that donors double their contributions to Chu in light of this threat and that they donate to whoever is running against Woolley in this year’s municipal election.

Fire that juvenile thug Woolley as an example of what happens when arrogant elected officials try to use their position to stunt the democratic process through threats.

We can’t let Woolley’s threats go lightly.

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