There are so many adjectives that help describe our “occupy” Calgary squatters from bitter to lazy to unwashed. Entitled really does encapsulate their attitude most effectively though (envious is a close second).

What has me going this time is a series of comments that have been submitted by a visitor to my blog over the last week or so. I do indeed moderate the comments on this blog and with good reason. Hardly a day goes by where somebody does not try to place an obscenity laced tirade in the comment section of one of the postings. Other postings can be prone to being libelous and others simply don’t make sense. I have not, do not, and will not allow that crap on my blog.

What is outstanding recently though is that one persistent “occupy” Calgary supporter wrote a very long and detailed piece in my comment section last week. The diatribe had to be at least a couple thousand words and went everywhere from some semi-coherent arguments in favor of the squatters residing in Olympic Plaza to some oddball conspiracy theories about corporations. It was clear though that this person had taken their time to lay out their case to present on my site. Unfortunately this fool prefaced the piece with two paragraphs that were intent on questioning my mental well-being and the size of my genitalia.

To confirm by the way, yes I am a little crazy and I am not exceptionally endowed in the reproductive sense.  These questions were clearly on top of the mind of my commenter.

Either way, I deleted the comment out of hand. I do allow contrary opinion in the comments area but really have little time for the personal insults. Since then though I have had almost daily comments from this person demanding that I post their comment. This person has become increasingly agitated claiming that I have violated their free speech and that I absolutely must post their opinion in my comments. I was told that it is unfair that I only allow my own view and that I should be less biased.

I was content to enjoy the daily ravings while envisioning this squatter supporter sitting in Mom’s basement furiously and indignantly typing as I continued to ignore the daily demands. I swear I could almost hear the tortured keyboard crying for mercy as it was beaten by fat entitled fingers.

The last comment crossed a line however and I have been forced to address the commenter. In the last comment it was mentioned that I and my site have gained a degree of profile from the whole “occupy” thing and I have a “social obligation” to allow counterpoints to my postings on this site.

Well alas, that comment caused me to let out a snorting laugh which in turn led to a mouthful of Balvenie Doublewood evacuating from my nostrils.

Two terrible crimes happened here. One: my poor nostrils were burned terribly. Two: some fine single-malt was outright wasted. Both are unforgivable crimes.

Now lets get some things straight. I owe no “social obligation” to anybody on this site. The only thing I owe on this site are the payments for hosting and domain registration. I own this place lock, stock and barrel and can post (or not post) whatever the hell I want and I will continue to do so.

The squatters and their supporters continually and mistakenly ramble on with their misguided interpretations of our rights. One right the squatters continually overlook is that of private property! Look up on your screen dear squatters and read the domain URL. It is indeed http://www.corymorgan.com The domain is not http://www.FreeForAllOpinions.com or http://www.PointCounterPoint.com It is simply named after myself as this is the sandbox where I have staked my opinionated ground.

I am under no obligation to be unbiased and I am under no obligation to be nice. I don’t recall ever having claimed to be either of those things anyway.

Your speech dear squatter is not being hindered by my refusal to post your comments. You are free to speak and say whatever you like. You just can’t do it here.

Our squatters and their supporters need to quit trying to take our Charter rights as blind absolutes to the point on infringing on the rights and comfort of others. We see that here as my property rights are ignored and we see it in Olympic Plaza as park users are displaced and taxpayers foot the bill for a collection of fools squatting in tents.

If you squatters want a voice here is what  you need to do. Quit sitting and whining in the park. Go out and join the rest of our Liberal Arts graduates in the barista trade. With a few weeks and a few hundred smiley faces drawn in lattes, you should have more than enough money to buy your own domain and write whatever you like upon it. Perhaps http://www.TheWorldOwesMeSomething.com or http://www.DirectFromMomsBasement.com or something of the sort. Rest assured, you will not get an unhindered soapbox at http://www.corymorgan.com

Thousands of people have been coming here and reading my reflections on my visits to the “occupy” Calgary squatter site on numerous occasions. I appreciate and am flattered that so many people find what I write worth reading (even if not all agree with it). Lets be clear though, the readers owe me nothing and I owe them nothing.

The “occupy” crowd still appears to be stumped as to why public support for them has completely evaporated. I think more than a month of hearing “I want” and “I demand” and “you owe me” from a bunch of layabouts has pretty much done it in. Get off your butts and do something guys and perhaps you will earn a grain of that respect that you think you deserve.

Until then I will continue to expose the hypocrisy and idiocy of the “occupy” Calgary movement. I will call it like I see it and I make no apologies.

9 thoughts on “Entitled!

  1. It’s funny how they scream “free speech!” yet they were censoring their Facebook page when someone posted an opposing view.
    The entitlement never ends for these people.

  2. Well one thing is clear, stop drinking good scotch when you read your blog. Get out the bottle of Ballentines that you keep for company who have no appreciation for fine scotch. That being said, I feel empowered to hijack your blog to express my own point of view… Well here goes! I love the Toronto Maple Leafs, they truly are Canada’s team, and it will be a great day of national unity when they win the Stanley Cup this year.
    God Bless you Cory Morgan!

  3. Seems we are all “entitled” to occupier opinion. 😉

    The only entitlement I recognise is the entitlement to do whatever the hell you want as long as your entitlement doesn’t infringe on my entitlement to be left alone. Transgress that simple civility and the fur flies.

  4. Must be tempting sometimes to publish their craziest ravings, just so the rest of us can share your pain. You know, the way Ezra reads his ‘incoming’ mail, then highlights their worst ramblings with his own reason and humor.
    How about a post with a PG-13 summary of some of the comments?

  5. Hey Matt….

    First… I’m the only one who gets to #occupycorymorgan … or wait maybe it’s the other way around…

    Second… lucky for you I clicked on this blog and happened to see a comment directed at me; normally don’t read this opinionated piece of ….

  6. I don’t blame that guy. That ridiculous sense of entitlement to anything under the sun comes from the City’s incompetence to deal with them. What should have been common sense and simple bylaw enforcement from day #1 of squatting, has become a legal battle, costing taxpayers lots of money. The responsibility sits squarely on Mr. Nenshi’s shoulders. I feel terribly, terribly sorry for voting him.

  7. Well Don, the most foolish things the occupiers have generally come up with has usually been when I put the camera on them down there as has been in some of my posted videos. They do themselves no favors.

    Yes, Ezra does get some beauties. I am afraid that most of what I get is generally simply collections of crude words. I am not easily offended and having worked oilfield they cant come up with much I have not heard before.

    If I get a particularly good and creative flaming comment, will see what I can do. 😉

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