Dr. Anmol Kapoor on the Indian farmers’ protest

While the world has been occupied with the COVID-19 pandemic and other affairs such as the American election, an event has been developing under the radar in India for months.

The Indian government has been becoming increasingly authoritarian and they rammed some bills through their parliament with little debate which will very directly impact the farming community in India. This has sparked protests which have led to over 100,000 protesters being on the border of Delhi while the government has been becoming increasingly violent in efforts to quell this uprising. It could end very tragically if this continues.

It is a complicated issue with roots going back to government agricultural policies from the 1960s. I spoke with Dr. Anmol Kapoor to get a better understanding of what is happening over there and what may be done about it. Dr. Kappor is a Calgary cardiologist who has been outspoken on social media in trying to bring attention to this issue.

Calgary has a large Indian population and many people are concerned for the well being of family members back in India as these protests escalate. Dr. Kapoor offers some much-needed insight into what led to this standoff and what it may take to bring it to a peaceful end.

Watch on Youtube below or download the podcast audio from the link below that.


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