Don’t question the King!!

 It is pathetic seeing the PC lapdogs twisting, turning and generally refusing to answer in what was a blatant assault by their party on the democratic process in Alberta.

 Question period in the legislature is of limited use at the best of times, but it is worthwhile to pop in for a look to see how the government arrogantly refuses to answer legitimate questions from the opposition.

 Which part of Gibson actually doing his job annoyed King special Ed Stelmach?

 Was it the finding of 11 electoral violations and recomendation for legal followup that irked His Highness?

 Was it Gibson’s questioning of the clear impropriety of having the Progressive Conservative Party handpick each and every returning officer in the province?

 Perhaps it was Gibson bringing light to Eddie’s lie regarding fixed election dates as documented here.

 It could be any of the other 100 and some recommendations that Gibson presented to Emperor Ed in trying to increase democracy in Alberta. Eddie arrogantly dismissed all of the recommendations of course.

 I suspect that it was a mix of all the above reasons. The biggest sin that Gibson committed was to try and do his job. Gibson remained impartial and refused to lick the feet of Mr. Ed. For doing his job Gibson was promptly fired.

 We can be assured that the next Chief Electoral Officer will do whatever the PC party tells them if they want to keep their job. There is no role in the civil service where impartiality and protection from government interference is more important than that of the Chief Electoral Officer of Alberta. The Alberta Progressive Conservatives led by Special Ed Stelmach have now compromised the integrity of that critical posting. We can likely look forward to further drops in electoral turnout as cynicism grows in the Alberta electorate.

 It must be difficult for PC MLAs to sleep at night. I know some of them had ideals at one time. Their silence is certainly deafening now.

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