Does Alberta’s Liberal party want to illegalize tiki-torches?

The incidents where street preacher Artur Pawlowski decided to have his little gang of supporters carry tiki-torches in anti-lockdown marches were exercises in sheer stupidity.

Nobody short of a total fool would think that doing such a think wouldn’t invoke images of the tiki-torch carrying neo-nazis in Charlottesville a few years ago.

I called out the twits on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

Most people realized the idiocy of carrying torches in marches these days and what the messaging would be turned into. Some doggedly tried to defend it by saying that it was simply a torch and nothing more.

Context matters kids.

Police were called to investigate this march of morons and they did so. Snowflakes felt that a crime had been committed.

The police rightly determined that while the presence of the torches triggered some sensitive folks, no crime had been committed.

It isn’t a crime to be an idiot. If it was, Canada’s Prime Minister would have been locked up after his trip to India.

Not to be outdone in the act of idiocy though, the Alberta Liberal Party has jumped forward to demonstrate their disappointment that the police didn’t find a crime where no crime existed.

They tweeted the nugget below.

Let’s repeat something here. No racism was demonstrated at the rallies. There was no mention of race in the speeches nor calls for harming minorities. The only thing striking was the utterly poor decision to carry tiki-torches. Of course the police couldn’t charge anybody with anything.

What is disturbing here though is that the Liberal Party of Alberta feels that some sort of new law needs to be created in order to charge these people.

What do the Liberals want to see here? Do they literally want to illegalize tiki-torches? Will we have our backyard patios raided in case we may use illegal forms of lighting and decoration?

Thankfully, the Alberta Liberal Party is about as popular as a garden slug in Alberta.

Former leader David Khan led them to a stunning 0.98% support level in the last provincial election and there are no signs that the party will be coming back any time soon.

It is still worth highlighting just how insane and dangerous the thought process of modern day liberals is though. They literally want to see people charged for walking with garden items and rest assured their totalitarian notions would not stop there if given the chance.

Just look at what their federal cousins are planning with control of information.

It needs to be called out and decried whenever it is seen.

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