Doctor lobbying to shut down Alberta businesses is a heavy NDP donor.

The left loves to use the term “Follow the money!” whenever they hear from voices that they don’t like. They like to imply that anybody contrary to them must be part of some grand conspiracy with nefarious funding behind them.

Well, I decided to apply that principle with outspoken Alberta doctor Joseph Vipond.

Vipond loves to get in front of the microphone whenever possible to imply that Premier Jason Kenney has been harming Albertans with his policies responding to the pandemic.

While on the surface, Dr. Joe Vipond sounds like a genuine physician who is solely motivated with protecting the well being of Albertans, a short search on the good doctor reveals something else.

Dr. Vipond has been a very heavy donor to the provincial NDP and federal Liberal parties for years. Not just a few bucks here and there. Many thousands over the years. This is a very dedicated person ideologically tied to the NDP.

Vipond is also an environmental activist who has vigorously opposed the UCP development of Alberta resources.

Does this mean that Vipond’s points are invalid?

No but they need to be taken with an extremely large grain of salt.

The NDP and their supporters have been obsessive in trying to tear down the UCP government since they were resoundingly fired by Albertans last year. They want to do and say everything possible in order to make the UCP look bad and they don’t care if they push to bankrupt small businesses in the process.

There are differing views on how to deal with the pandemic.

I think that folks can safely dismiss whatever comes from Dr. Joseph Vipond however.

Vipond’s interests are clearly more ideological and political than health based.

Follow the money indeed.

3 thoughts on “Doctor lobbying to shut down Alberta businesses is a heavy NDP donor.

  1. You’d think that, by believing the media, every MD on the planet is being worked to death in response to Kung-Flu, opioid overdoses and gunshot wounds. And yet, it seems that far too many MDs have endless amounts of time available for socialist ranting from their social media soapboxes.

    So doctors, what’s it going to be? Are you gainfully employed medical professionals or are you bought-and-paid-for political activists? If the former, zip it and get back to work. If the latter, stop using your MD credentials; you’re an embarrassment to your profession and your colleagues.

  2. Yeah, I’m getting super-tired of credentialed talking-heads on TV and elsewhere whose ideological backgrounds are entirely ignored. Given the depth of bias we see throughout the MSM, why should we assume that their ‘guest commentators’ are any less biased? Or are they there just to feed the narrative, same as always?

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