Criminals love disasters. Citizens should prepare to deal with them now.

Many nations implement a policy of shooting looters during disasters. That is because there is and always will be a number of losers who will try to take advantage of a crisis situation in order to rob others. They want to steal the property of other people when citizens can least afford to lose it.

Justin Trudeau strongly hinted today that stronger measures to enforce shutting people in could be coming soon. That likely means the implementation of the Emergencies Act. That is martial law under a different name and invoking that act will take us from a crisis situation into a full disaster situation. Rest assured their are many scumbags out there rubbing their filthy hands together at the very prospect of this.

Just this week in my area, two shitbags broke into a business in Bragg Creek. They are taking advantage of empty streets, early business closures and slow police response times. We are just seeing the beginning of this sort of thing.

This looks very much like the method the losers who repeatedly robbed my pub last fall used. Crowbars for entry and then a failed effort to steal the ATM. I wouldn’t be shocked if these were a couple of the same ones who robbed me. Aside from one who has been subsequently charged with murder, the rest of the losers who robbed my pub are all free and awaiting trial.

Note the second person in the picture. It looks very much like he is carrying a firearm. These people are armed and stupid. This is a dangerous combination.

If indeed we find ourselves in a state mandated lockdown, we had better prepare to defend ourselves and our property from these criminals.

Don’t be naive. We are a spoiled society. We have been lucky. We are prosperous and have never had to deal with any real disasters. We need to prepare for the crime wave which will assuredly come with a shutdown as many will work to victimize and rob us during the crisis.

This crisis will be like no other in that rather than being evacuated, we will be locked into our homes. This makes it even more dangerous as the desperate and the unprincipled try to steal from us while we are essentially imprisoned in our own homes.

Emergency services will be overtaxed and neighbors will be less inclined than ever to leave their homes to check on you. It is up to us to ensure that we remain safe and we had best plan for it now.

People make plans within their households to deal with emergencies such as fires. Now is the time to plan for possible emergencies such as home invasions.

I can’t afford to be robbed again and I won’t let it happen to my home or my business. I know that criminals are often armed and my response will be based on that assumption. I truly don’t care about the well being of looters. I expect that many others feel the same.

There are many ways that this pandemic can and will hurt people outside of a viral infection itself. Prepare to defend your home and family now or you will only have yourself to blame if you are victimized. We are going into uncharted waters here. The worst that could happen is that you secure your home and make a plan that you never implement.

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