Amanda Soper makes hypocritical demand for police protection

The irony and hypocrisy in this situation are simply too much to ignore.

Amanda Soper (alias Kanhus Manuel) is a notorious extremist with a number of criminal records who has been harassing citizens of Blue River British Columbia from her squatter encampment for years.

Apparently some local folks came out a couple days ago and vandalized some of the trash at Sopers encampment. I say “apparently” because Soper and her little gang are rather prone to being full of shit so their allegations need to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

With the ongoing campaign of criminal harassment of workers and locals by Soper and her associates against workers and citizens in the region, it is not beyond belief that citizens are beginning to push back against Soper’s illegal actions.

Amanda Soper is constantly being arrested and convicted on all sorts of charges. She is a habitual criminal and I documented it in a past article here.

Soper and gang put out a ridiculous release on their facebook page beginning with the paragraph below:

“Indigenous land defenders have been subjected to a violent attack by local whites at their Tiny House Warriors village at Blue River, British Columbia and they are demanding police action against the attackers.”

Demanding police action? The RCMP have every right to tell Soper and her little group of squatters to piss off.

Here is a picture of Soper giving RCMP the finger. Soper constantly claims that RCMP don’t have authority in the imaginary little nation in which she resides.

You can’t have it both ways Amanda. The RCMP either have the authority to arrest and charge crooks like you or they don’t. If you are not actually a citizen within Canada as you claim, then the RCMP are under no obligation to protect you.

Here is a video of Soper and friends chasing RCMP officers away from their grungy encampment last year.

I doubt that the RCMP will be setting aside too much time in order to protect Soper and her trash pile of a squatter camp from vandals in the near future. They have better things to do and Soper has made it more than clear that she does not recognize Canadian law.

If Soper truly is concerned for her safety and that of the squatters in camp with her, perhaps she should clean up the camp and move back down to Chase BC where her family owns a gas station.

The hypocrisy from extreme environmental activists like Soper is unsurprising yet breathtaking.

Will be interesting to see how things develop around Blue River this year. People are sick and tired of Soper and don’t look like they are willing to put up with her crap for another year.

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