City of Calgary spending $120,000 tax dollars to promote Black Lives Matter

The term “black lives matter” is innocuous enough.

The activist group “Black Lives Matter” is anything but. They are extreme, intolerant, violent and Marxist. No tax funded body should be spending a nickle to promote that form of divisive extremism yet the City of Calgary has decided to spend $120,000 on a series of murals which will promote Black Lives Matter.

Here are some examples.

Yusra Khogali is one of the founding leaders of Toronto’s BLM chapter. One of the largest in Canada. She is a vulgar racist who refers to white people as being “sub human” and openly mused about struggling to keep herself from killing white people.

Edmonton’s Pride Parade was canceled due to threats and ongoing blockages of their celebration from Black Lives Matter. They were too afraid to confront the BLM thugs so they simply canceled their parade.

Black Lives Matter has routinely shown a gross streak of anti-Semitism in their protests and in the words of their leadership.

Black Lives Matter has and continues to incite violent riots which have led to deaths and massive property damage. We can’t pretend that this group is not extreme and pandering to them does not help anybody.

People can be appalled with the racist actions of some police officers without supporting BLM.

People can oppose racism without supporting BLM.

It is not racist to distinguish the difference between anti-racism and the extreme actions of BLM.

To add insult to fiscal injury, one of the BLM murals that the City of Calgary plans to put up will be covering a mural which was anti-poverty and graced the CUPS building for 25 years.

We are losing valued public art (a rare thing in Calgary), in order to pander to and promote an increasingly violent and extreme movement.

If BLM supporters want to promote their movement, let them raise funds and buy advertising space just like any other lobby group. Taxpayers should not be forced to cover with.

For those who think that this kind of pandering will immunize the city to extreme actions from groups such as BLM, think again.

We need to be calling out extremism in all its forms whether with racism or the extremists who purport to be rioting in order to end racism.

The City of Calgary has stepped well out of bounds with this move.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile — hoping it will eat him last.” ~W. Churchill

24 thoughts on “City of Calgary spending $120,000 tax dollars to promote Black Lives Matter

  1. I am a Calgary Taxpayer, I do not support BLM!!!!!! Not in an way!!!!! Mr Purple A_____hole idiot Mayor, my tax $$$$ are for the betterment of Calgary not some Terrorist, Criminal, Racist group of fanatics!!!!!

  2. Among other viscous attributes, Black Lives Matter is rabidly anti-semitic. Congratulations, Mayor Nenshi. You are using public funds to crush Jews. Good move! This doesn’t end well for you. Ever heard of the phrase “Never Again”? You’ll understand really soon.

  3. what a disgrace using our tax dollars to support terrorist group like that. I will not support BLM in any way or shape. Nanshi needs to get his head examin.

  4. Are you kidding me??? You raised my property taxes amidst a pandemic, when I’ve not had a raise in three years, Calgary finances are already in hot water, businesses have closed, potholes not even all filled, etc! But you want to spend my tax money on this $#%$!!!! You have clearly lost your freaking mind, jumping on board with this Marxist group! I do NOT wish to support them, neither do I want my city to become the next Seattle! You’ve not heard the last of this!

    • I agree! This is bullsh*t! We need to stand up and speak out loudly to prevent Nenshi from spending one dime supporting this terrorist group! He should be ashamed of himself………….he needs to go!

    • Blm is a completely racist group and uses discrimination hate against good cops the definition of racism is to paint all of one group as all bad i am trieing to organize a pro police rally for next year its on facebook

  5. Born an raised in Calgary.
    If you feed into this bullshit what are you willing give them next.
    Free room an board at city hall.
    Hands off for the police an justice system for fear they might get caught looting murder rape with the expectation to get of void of charges .

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  8. Canada is no longer controlled by Canadians, You are now controlled by George Soros, Muslim brotherhood, Clinton foundation, un, take your pick.
    I’m not going to be a “good nazi”

  9. I don’t understand how this country, being so racist, is yet so attractive for people who come from monocultures of their own. Why do they come? Hasn’t anyone told them we’re “racists” galore, from shore to shore to shore? I think somebody is lying and if I were to put money on it, I would wager it’s the Marxists again and again and again.

  10. White people are losing their mojo it seems. If a people no longer supports it’s own heritage and it’s own genetics, they maybe it deserves what it gets.

    I don’t subscribe to that crap. I am proud to a white man … both.

    Push back, BLM is not worthy of support. They are nothing but racist thugs themselves. They are ingrates who enjoy the white man’s modern world, but do nothing to help or make it better. On the contrary.

    To hell with BLM and fools who support them. They will eat you too when the time comes. They have no values, they are simian creatures by their own behavior.

  11. Was the mural of the hands and the doves ,showing peace, that was already painted on the side of the wall, not good enough? I feel so bad for the artist that painted that and for the Calgarians who appreciated it. Get rid of that goof you call a mayor. I hope Calgarians fight this. That mural stands for All Lives Matter

  12. This is disgusting. BLM is a dangerous movement and now a political movement that has outrageous demands and above all are the most racist group of people on the planet. We need to stop this spread of racism. Not condone it.

  13. Zero dollars should go to any group who encourages hatred and never my tax dollars to them. BLM has done nothing more than promote hatred when the Toronto leader says she can hardly stop herself from killing white people, isn’t that reason to charge her with a hate crime. We need positivity and none of this behaviour should have been tolerated. If it was any other group promoting such violence it would have been stopped. What gives them the right? Racism begins at home and BLM’s Marxism is promoting this. City hall is done for standing behind this and giving my tax dollars so freely. All lives matter everyday and that’s what we need to be reminded of, equal and fair treatment for ALL. Zero tolerance of bad behaviour. Unless we stop this segregation now, the divide will only be greater. Nenshi better start a love in before this city is destroyed too.

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