Chrystia Freeland’s virtue signalling budget will bankrupt Canada

In day one of her tenure as Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland is saying all the wrong things.

Yes, I understand that she has only just replaced disgraced Finance Minister Bill Morneau in the portfolio and don’t expect a detailed budget. Freeland’s speech in accepting the position lays out where she wants to take things in a broad way and her words are chilling to anybody with a sense of fiscal reality.

In Chrystia Freeland’s words:

“The restart of our economy needs to be green,” she said. “It also needs to be equitable, it needs to be inclusive “

OK I am glad that she understands that the economy has been devastated and needs a “restart”.

Clearly Freeland doesn’t understand that in a resource based economy such as Canada’s “green” is a goal but can’t be priority number one.

Loaded ideological terms such as “equitable and inclusive” in her maiden speech are concerning as well.

Yes, it is nice to try and be equitable and inclusive in general principle but in our current economic state, these are distant legislative priorities.

What is Freeland talking about? More pipeline and shipping shutdowns? Gender and race quotas? More wealth redistribution?

Canada is already a terrible nation to invest in right now due to years of ideological rule which was punitive towards most of the nations main economic drivers. We need investment and enterprise and nobody in their right mind is going to invest a nickle in this nation when the Finance Minister is more concerned with social justice virtue signalling than in dealing with the reality that the government is nearly broke.

We have a mounting debt and projected deficits at levels never seen before. Our unemployment levels are huge and countless businesses are going bankrupt daily. Trying to be “green, inclusive and equitable” is not going to do a damn thing to ease this crisis. We need a strong, smart and reliable hand at the helm of our finances and instead we have gotten a former journalist who is guided by social justice idealism rather than fiscal reality.

Canada is broken and will only get worse under this latest Finance Minister.

6 thoughts on “Chrystia Freeland’s virtue signalling budget will bankrupt Canada

  1. Who elected this idiot in the FIRST PLACE?

    THEY are responsible for her stupid ideas becoming official dogma.

    In a democracy, the people generally do NOT get the kind of government that they WANT, but they always get the kind of government that they DESERVE.

    • I didn’t vote for these thug Liberals in both elections. I did not get what I deserve. Liberals only got around 35% of the vote. The election was rigged. Let us hope we can prove it.

  2. Freeland was not elected as a Fiinance Minister – she was chosen by Justin Trudope. She cannot even add or subtract – she is another lying and cheating Liberal.

  3. It is typical Liberal Ideas and Practice!!! Squander every dime like it is water and if any legitimate request is presented, ‘ie’ Armed Forces, Homeless, Seniors…ignore them!!! Keep voting these idiots in and it only gets worse!!! I must also say that we ordinary people support financially these elected officials, so since I am one of the employers I would ask that they STOP LOOKING and TALKING DOWN TO ME like I am a low life!!! I never felt that way when Harper was Prime Minister and I don’t feel that way when any other party speaks! Just the Liberals. Get Rid Of Them!!!!!!!!!!

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