Great power comes with great responsibility

When social media giants flexed their muscles and took it upon themselves to become the direct arbiters of who may or may not say what on their platforms, they may not have considered what that means when defamatory or libelous content is posted on their platforms.

Social media is a cesspool of nasty discourse and rhetoric. That has been well established. While social media companies have always tried to police clearly hateful and illegal messaging on their platforms to a degree, the urge of conservative voices following the riots in Washington in January brought things to a whole new level. Political leaning, opinion or associations were now grounds for deplatforming as determined by the technocrats and they appointed themselves as judge, jury and executioner in that regard. People justified this by saying “Hey, they are private companies. They can do what they like”. While this is indeed true, it also makes them responsible for everything posted on their watch and the Supreme Court of British Columbia agrees.

The ruling by the BC Supreme court that Twitter can be sued for defamatory content on their platform may have huge repercussions. No longer will those who have been slandered or defamed have to chase down individuals or accounts in order to seek recompense. Now they can simply target the platform which of course has billions more in assets to take from. We can look forward to seeing many more lawsuits launched now and it will be tough for the social media overlords to defend themselves.

Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social media heavyweights made it clear that they ad fully in charge of everything posted on their platforms. That also makes them fully responsible for it. It looks good on them.

Let the legal feeding frenzy begin.

Will we see a Jyoti Gondek Mayoral run with Stephen Carter managing the campaign?

As an election year unfolds in Calgary municipal politics, ambitious players are making their plans and forming their alliances in hopes of replacing reigning Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Nenshi clearly wants to run for mayor again. Nenshi is a vanity driven man and if he wins another election, he will become the longest serving mayor in Calgary history. While Nenshi may be a horrific leader within council chambers, he is a savvy political player. In playing coy about whether or not he will run again, Nenshi is drawing out contenders who could split efforts to electorally unseat him. It appears to be working.

An anonymous but reliable and well-placed source has told me that City Counselor Jyoti Gondek not only plans to run for mayor but has chosen controversial political operative Stephen Carter to be her campaign manager. If this is true, it is a truly questionable choice on her part.

Aside from riding on Naheed Nenshi’s coattails to an electoral victory in 2010, Stephen Carter’s political guidance has almost invariably led to disaster when he managed to find people willing to take it.

Carter appeared not once but twice in the Wildrose Party. The first time he left in disgrace as his unpaid debt controversy threatened to embarrass the party and the second time was when he abandoned the party in order to work for Alison Redford. Under Carter’s sage guidance as Chief of Staff, Alison Redford finished her short tenure as Premier in utter disgrace. That left a legacy of division and distrust between the party executive and leader Danielle Smith which remained for years.

The debts that continued to dog Stephen Carter were due to a scandalous mess created with the involvement of his company over a visit from the Dalai Lama. It was a bizarre and ugly tale.

Carter surfaced again with Sandra Jansen for her short-lived and disastrous leadership campaign for the Progressive Conservative Party. Despite entering with much fanfare, Jansen found herself scrambling to even get the requisite nomination signatures as the deadline approached during the PC convention. Jansen gave up before even managing to get on the ballot. She later crossed to the NDP in order to gain a cabinet seat and then abandoned Notley’s NDP without notice when it became clear that she couldn’t win her seat again. Jansen has vanished from the political scene and has not been missed by pretty much anybody.

After finding himself politically homeless, Carter set his sights on the nascent Alberta Party. The Alberta Party was doing well for a new party. They were led by Greg Clark who won a Calgary seat and who was respected in all political circles. Their caucus was growing and they looked like they were going places. Carter advised that a leadership race was needed within the Alberta Party. A coup was sparked and Greg Clark found himself pushed out as leader. The Alberta Party then went on to be completely annihilated in the 2019 election and they still remain floundering and leaderless today.

Carter was also involved in the failed but costly campaign to bring the 2026 Olympics to Calgary

Municipal politics are a crazy arena at the best of times and this year is expected to be as insane as any. If indeed it is true that Gondek will be running for Mayor and that she has chosen Stephen Carter as her campaign manager, she has already proven her own judgement to be too poor to be a good mayor. It would assuredly lead to a volatile and nasty race in the election this fall which will make for some great dark comedy at least.

Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

Tell me another one Nenshi

It was almost nauseating reading the baloney Naheed Nenshi issued as he kicks off what will clearly a yet another campaign for Mayor of Calgary.

You can almost hear his voice in his head as he pretends to be coy and speaks of how even those who didn’t previously support him are now pleading with him to stay in for just one more term because the job is just so gosh darn important right now that we can’ entrust it to anybody else.

Yeah right.

Naheed Nenshi’s support numbers have been in a nosedive. He has clearly been having trouble maintaining his traditional support. There is no damn way his opponents suddenly want him in for yet another four years.

I guess if His Worship wants to begin his campaign on such a solid foundation of bullshit, who am I to stop him? The voters are smarter than Nenshi seems to think they are and I look forward to them tossing him on his arrogant ass next fall.

The reality is, Nenshi probably couldn’t manage to get a good escape hatch from Trudeau. The Mayor was meeting with him recently and likely was lobbying for an appointment for himself or an assurance of a cabinet spot if he ran for the Liberals. There are no other viable political homes for Nenshi once he is done as Mayor. He can’t find a better gig so he is trying for re-election on the basis that he needs a job and the BS case that his opponents really really really want to see him as Mayor fro another term.

Meanwhile, Nenshi’s Chief of Staff and an assistant have been vacationing in Hawaii while Calgarians remain locked down.

Sound familiar?

Nenshi however has stated that he won’t punish them.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Nenshi.

Great electoral kickoff indeed.

We are not all in this together!

Few things undercut trust in political leadership more effectively than hypocrisy and we are seeing it in spades within Canada.

While we huddle in our homes, blocked from visiting family members while our jobs are lost and our businesses face bankruptcy, members of the political elite are basking on tropical islands in the comfort of knowing that their six figure incomes are protected.

While police will beat and threaten to taze youth for the crime of daring to play outdoor hockey:

A top minister in Doug Ford’s extremely oppressive administration is found to have been vacationing in the Caribbean while posting scheduled tweets to fool citizens into thinking he was actually in Canada. Doug Ford knew of this for weeks.

Note the asshole signaling virtue with his mask on. I suspect that he rarely wore it while in the tropics.

How many more are hiding out there?

Now that these guys are being exposed, the press is smelling blood in the water. Rest assured they are watching airports and social media postings. We will be seeing more of this.

How the hell can we be expected to sacrifice so much, ostensibly to fight the pandemic when those who are telling us to sacrifice won’t do it themselves?

The lockdowns will be falling apart in months to come and much of the reason will be a population tired of being told “Do as I say, not as I do!”.

We can’t take orders seriously if the political leadership doesn’t. Canada’s federal health minister was jet setting unmasked for months while we see American politicians breaking laws in order to see hair stylists.

They had best pray that the vaccine brings the pandemic under control because lockdowns are a fading alternative for people and hypocritical political leadership can carry much of the blame.

Lockdowns are ending in 2021 no matter what

While Naheed Nenshi and other control obsessed politicians are trying to lock restrictions to cover for over a year from now, the passive majority is getting more and more upset.

A vaccine is providing a potential light at the end of the tunnel. People will put up with the lockdowns for now in hopes that the vaccine will work.

If the vaccine doesn’t work though, its over.

The virus will have to run its course.

We can’t keep locking down for years over a virus which has a 99.8 percent survival rate.

It will take a battle. Governments hate giving up power.

Citizens will not comply for lockdowns along with the bankruptcies, suicides, overdoses, cancer deaths and depression for years to come.

We have one shot here.

Better hope the vaccines work.

Bring on the equalization referendum!

As soon as anybody in Alberta complains about equalization, you can rest assured that some haughty academic type will quickly spring into action and chide them with “You don’t understand how equalization works.”.

Now that Premier Kenney has formally committed to holding a referendum, we common slobs will have a great opportunity to be taught on the issue.

The Canadian equalization program is a convoluted mess and due to that, it is true that many folks indeed don’t fully understand how it works. Since that is the case, the ivory tower sorts who thrive on scolding commoners for their lack of understanding of equalization should be welcoming the Alberta equalization referendum with open arms. What better way to educate the unwashed masses than to have a pitched campaign held for over a month with pro and anti equalization sides making their case to the public on the issue?

Our imperious, learned classes are still upset despite this opportunity to educate those backwoods commoners through a referendum.

“It doesn’t matter what Albertans choose in a referendum!” they shout. “It can’t force Ottawa to change!”

This is true. A referendum is a great way to make a broad public statement though and again, it will help educate our ignorant souls right? When coupled with municipal elections, a referendum question isn’t a costly thing to add to the ballot. Of course, there are some left-wing municipal politicians who may not want a ballot item that may draw out conservative minded voters but that is a separate issue (and benefit of the referendum).

Our educated betters love to remind us “Alberta doesn’t cut an equalization cheque to Ottawa!”

This is indeed true. That doesn’t mean that equalization isn’t screwing us however.

Imagine all of the federal taxes collected from GST to corporate and income taxes all going into one big pot. The federal government then doles out transfers back to the provinces through a myriad of programs including equalization. It is through this method that the federal government has taken over $600 billion more tax dollars from Alberta than it has returned in transfers and services. So no, equalization never gets a dedicated cheque from Alberta. Ottawa simply takes it other ways. Quebec however does indeed receive an equalization cheque and it is almost always for the same amount that Alberta puts into confederation without a return.

Equalization is simply the one program where the government has specifically dedicated it to inter-provincial welfare and under the name of state-enforced economic equality (socialism) thus why it is such an odious symbol to we Albertans.

Yes then!

Let’s get on with the referendum. Let’s hash it out!

Educate us oh wise ones!

School us on how foolish we are to complain about pitching in so much to a nation that has now turned its back to us while we are down.

Then let’s see how we respond to this great learning opportunity when the question is formally put to us at the polls.

It will be a great educational exercise and a practice run for referendums on future issues.

Podcast: its time to face it. The reserve system needs to come to an end.

I have written on it many times. I decided that its time to verbalize it.

Canada’s wretched, racist reserve system and Indian Act need to come to an end. How many more generations need to suffer? How much longer do we have to watch poverty, health issues, crime and general misery run rampant on Canadian reserves despite constantly increasing expenditures and dedicating resources to them?

Race based policy is always wrong and it shows in spades as Canada continues to try and fix an irreparable system.

If I could wish for any single policy that I could magically implement, it would be to end the racial apartheid happening in Canada with the reserve system. Aside from some parasitic lawyers and bureaucrats who benefit from it, this system creates nothing but misery for all and at great expense.

Lets start calling it out for the failure that it is so we can begin to look at realistic solutions to this growing crisis.

Listen below:

Vaccination is the only way out of this mess

Yes I know that Covid-19 almost exclusively only kills the already dying.

Yes I know that the media and some self-serving elements of government have hyped the risks of Covid.

Yes I know that the initial modelling of the death rates due to Covid was utter bunk.

Yes I know that our policies have been driven more by fear than reason but we have to admit it, fear has won the day.

We have to take our medicine and get this damn pandemic into our rearview mirror while we still have a shred of economy to try and rebuild from.

The real court in this whole affair is the court of public opinion. Whether we like it or not, the majority of the public prefers to see government imposing crushing measures against our economy and free living than to let this bug run it’s course and I see no indication of this changing.

For the last two weeks in a row I have checked out the anti-mask/lockdown protests in Calgary and both times I have come away disappointed. If government is going to feel compelled to back off on restrictions it is going to take a huge groundswell of average citizens and this simply isn’t happening.

Yesterday the weather was as beautiful as it can be in December at nearly 14 degrees. There was little else to do thanks to limits on family gatherings, sports and other forms of weekend entertainment. If indeed there was a growing sentiment to have citizens rise up and tell government to back off, it will have shown yesterday. People should have been coming out in the thousands. Turnout went down.

At best there were perhaps 500 people and the crazy/rational ratio was similar to what I saw the week before. Yes, there were many genuinely concerned people who aren’t crazy who were in attendance but those people need to massively dominate these kinds of gatherings and they aren’t even close. The conspiracy theorists and paranoid dominated the affair and this will assuredly keep any reasonable pushback from growing.

As the first speaker railed on about the extremely well debunked myth that vaccines cause autism, it was clear that there was no grassroots movement of common people growing here.

I understand that the development of the Covid vaccine has been rushed which is of concern. That is a reasonable thing to be worried about. To start into the utter bullshit that vaccines cause autism or that they were modelled to control our minds though helps with nothing.

What do those in opposition of the Covid-19 vaccine want then?

Do they want us to drag out this on again, off again lockdown status for years? If something like a vaccine doesn’t bring this to an end, that is exactly what we will get. People aren’t pushing back en-masse and they clearly won’t.

We need a light at the end of this nightmare tunnel and vaccination is the only thing providing that.

No I don’t support mandatory vaccines. I am hopping though that most people are rational enough to understand that we need to get them.

So yes, I am going to push back against the anti-vaccination kooks who insist that one of the greatest medical developments in a century causes autism or was created by lizard people.

The worst thing that can happen is that the vaccine is ineffective. It is at that point when I think common citizens will finally rise up and say that we have to dump the restrictions and protect the vulnerable as best we can until this thing runs its course.

The bottom line though is that nothing is changing now until the vaccine has been broadly applied and hopefully works.

When people in my age and working bracket are eligible for the vaccine, I will get it without hesitation. I do hope and expect that a majority of other citizens follow suit.

When we are all lizard people together, it won’t seem so bad anyway. Then we can start working on recovering our economy.

Calgary city council considering bizarre anti-Farkas regulation


At a December 1 committee meeting, the policy was narrowly quashed with Naheed Nenshi, Carra, Farrell and Woolley supporting the policy. It will return to city council again in a couple weeks

I really don’t know any other way to describe this ridiculous council proposal other than to label it the “Anti-Farkas Bill”. This proposal which will go before Calgary City Council on Tuesday looks nothing more like a complicated solution looking for a problem.

Unless that problem is Counselor Jeromy Farkas. Then this ridiculous proposal which likely could be actionable makes perfect sense.

The entire absurd policy proposal can be downloaded beow.

This idiocy would force any city councilor who wants to do anything in a ward outside of their own to get the permission of the sitting counselor in that ward and I mean anything!

This policy was clearly designed to kneecap any sitting councilor who is running for Mayor and since Farkas is only councilor doing so, that means this proposal was specifically modeled in order to target Farkas’s campaign efforts.

In running for Mayor, a candidate MUST be able to campaign in every ward within the city. They must be able to communicate in regards to ANY issue which is raised by a constituent and must be able to quickly and effectively be able to communicate with EVERY constituent in the city whether their local councilor damn well likes it or not.

This proposal adds requirements of consultation and permission from sitting councilors which are not necessary and are an affront to democracy to be blunt. When one considers how embittered and vitriolic many city councilors are with Farkas and his efforts to reform city hall, one can see just how much these councilors would be able to hinder Jeromy’s campaign if they had this regulation in place.

Ward Sutherland’s insecure bitchiness when dealing with Farkas demonstrates how it is completely unreasonable to force Farkas to seek Sutherland’s permission in order to speak to constituents within Ward 1. Requests for access to constituents would be dragged out and delayed until the election was over.

That of course is the intent of this regulation.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi in the meantime will be able to reach out to constituents within the entire city without any hindrance as he campaigns to try and keep his job. This odious proposed piece of regulation would give Nenshi a terrific advantage over any councilor running for Mayor. Hardly an unintentional outcome from this proposal.

That the mushrooms on city council considering using their regulatory powers in order to hinder electoral up and comers is third world stuff folks and it needs to be called out hard.

This regulation would create 14 little city fiefdoms where the incumbent councilor will be able to control all access to the citizens within them.

That such a repugnant policy has been even proposed is bad enough, chances are good with this broken council, it will pass.

The Mayor and his entire little gang of lickspittles on city council need to be electorally flushed from their seats this year. Citizens know this and polling is showing it. That is why these desperate souls are now stooping to abusing their regulatory abilities in order to sideline electoral challengers.

I can’t speak for him but I do hope that Jeromy Farkas completely ignores this ridiculous regulation if it comes into effect. I am sure that many folks will be happy to help him take this sort of thing to court in order to force city council to explain at length why they feel it is acceptable to model regulations which gag the ability of people to reach out to people during an election year. Free speech, free mobility and free expression all trump the petty needs of this pathetic council.

My daytrip to the Calgary anti-lockdown protest

I am not sure what I expected to see.

I am not sure what I wanted to see.

What I did see though was not a group which is doing anybody any favors.

I have been outspoken against many lockdown measures and controls on businesses and individuals. I am still concerned about government overreach and what it will take to get rid of these controls being dropped upon us when the pandemic has finally run its course.

In going downtown to the rally yesterday, I was expecting to hear from and meet with other people with rational concerns. I was to be disappointed.

What I found was a disparate group of people with all sorts of chips on their shoulders with the government. Again, an attitude that I can understand and relate to. The concerns and the solutions proposed by many though were simply too far from the realm of reality to be taken seriously.

I wandered the periphery and chatted with a few folks. On the outsides of the crowd (500 at best), I did tend to find more people who were concerned and curious like myself. They tended not to stay long as it became evident that this was not going to become anything productive.

As with Dante’s Inferno, the deeper you travelled into the circle, the more intense things became.

Many denied that there was a pandemic at all which was to be expected though I don’t agree.. People I spoke with deeper in the crowd explained to me how 5G networks had actually been transmitting and spreading the virus and were all part of a Chinese conspiracy which Trudeau was a part of. Others explained to me on how this whole thing was a conspiracy to force vaccines upon us all which would control our minds. I stopped asking people what they thought once I got into the center.

There were two stands set up. One was March for Freedom which blared music (Ironically “Imagine” was one of the songs I heard) and opposed government controls but was still difficult to pin down as a group or a movement with a distinct goal. I can’t even find a solid web source of what they are.

Another was “Unify the People”. They had a great number of signs out and have an impressive number of painted vehicles which promote their cause. They were selling merchandise and did seem to be the most organized. I have encountered them before as they have set up micro-demonstrations throughout the city for months now.

You can click on the link for the “Unify the People” movement in the image above. If you are into 1990s circa web sites, you will be impressed. You can then take a deep dive into their theory that confederation never existed, we are all “sovereigns” and how they will guide us all to a free new world.

They are just another incarnation of the “Freeman of the Land” or the old “Detax” movement. They never grow nor go away.

I also saw perhaps a dozen of the Proud Boys.

I don’t want to get into discussions on whether or not the Proud Boys have been fairly labelled or what they do or don’t stand for. What I will say is that they distract from any rational discussion or demonstration questioning pandemic response by the government.

I feel that these people have the right to demonstrate and that they should not be shut down. I do feel that the majority of the people there were not crazy, they were simply very concerned about the state of things in light of the pandemic.

Right now though, the crazy/rational ratio is still way to high to make these demonstrations productive or meaningful. If the state does truly overstep its bounds, we will hit a tipping point and thousands will come out. The folks worried about the lizard people controlling the world will be overwhelmed with the common citizens demonstrating. I think we are seeing that tipping point happening in Ontario where the state has been far more intrusive and people have had enough. Alberta is clearly not there yet.

If and when Alberta hits that tipping point, I may very well be down there holding a sign rather than observing others doing it. For now though, there is little being accomplished in these demonstrations aside from giving statists fodder to falsely claim that everybody who opposes a full lockdown is crazy.