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The CBC does a good rundown on Trish here in an interview.

Trish Mills is from Edmonton originally and now resides in Hamilton Ontario.

As a serial protester Trish took part in the illegal squatting in “occupy” Toronto, was in the G20 protests, Idle No More and pretty much any other place where she may find a potential riot to jump on to.


Trish proudly states that she has been arrested “a few times in Montreal, a couple times in Toronto…” and now has been arrested in Hamilton. Trish was apparently trying her very hardest to get arrested in the video below at a small riot outside of a Toronto police station.

The video above by UndercoverKitty demonstrates the depth of these professional mobs as they act like a pack of two year olds deprived of cookies.

Trish demonstrated her characteristic depth and class in giving cameras the finger as she headed to court to face charges against her. At that hearing, some of Trish’s compatriots actually farted on a reporter covering the hearing. Yes, these folks are certainly going to go far in the world and know how to endear themselves to the taxpaying and voting public at large.

UndercoverKitty does some excellent coverage of protests along with video. Trish is covered a bit here.

2 thoughts on “Trish Mills

  1. Hello and thank you for linking me to your story. I see that you have compiled a list of these professional criminals , however, with great respect, the list is far short of the real total numbers of these professional goons. If you wish, feel free to contact and I will be delighted to help update your list with the currant who’s who of this criminal world. I have every detailed image files of exactly who is, both masked up and sans masks.

  2. Yes, this is still very much a work in progress. Over time I will continue to update and add to it as I find time. I know there is plenty more to list yet. Your site has been an excellent resource and is greatly appreciated. Will get directly in touch with you soon.

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