Randal Houle


Randal is a Calgarian fixture at pretty much any left leaning demonstration that can be found. He spends a great deal of time in front of Calgary City Hall with signs and buttons protesting pretty much everything.

Occupy IdleNoMore

1 thought on “Randal Houle

  1. I know Randal personally and he has more integrity in his little finger than all the corporate plutocrats put together. I’m sure he feels as I do that we have put our time into the system that is decimating the 99% to permanent debt slavery and no hope in hell to pass anything onto our children. Only poverty and despair seems to be the only option while the psychopathic kleptocracy continues to plunder and profit from their unquenchable greed for more. Braking Bad for the American Dream. More is not enough, they need more. There comes a time in a person’s life to give back. To be the change we want to see. To take personal responsibility seriously .Paying it forward through Occupy and Idle No More!

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