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Mike Hudema is a true professional protestor. His years of idiotic stunts ranging from eating ballots to building protest sculptures on the lawns of constituency offices to heckling working people at automotive conventions. Hudema is pretty much opposed to all forms of reasonable energy or progress and like most eco-extremists opposes trade deals and general prosperity due to anything with a whiff of capitalism involved in it.


While most people rolled their eyes or even got annoyed with Hudema’s stunts, he impressed the multinational corporation of Greenpeace enough that they have put him on the Edmonton payroll where he has been involved in such respected movements as of course Occupy Edmonton among his many other attention seeking but essentially pointless stunts.


Hudema reading something to a rather less than enthralled crowd at the illegal Edmonton Occupy squatting encampment

We can expect to see Hudema’s glazed eyes and face at the head of many more protests until he finally pushes something far enough to land himself in jail for an extended period. What is interesting in the stories below though is that while Hudema is usually a main organizer, he appears to disappear when the arrests happen while his followers get busted. Cagey if nothing else.


Climate Change Activists Drop Banner get Arrested in New York

Dozens of Keystone XL pipeline protesters arrested in Canada

Greenpeace protest ends peacefully, with arrests  





Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange,  Ruckus Society Candidate Alberta New Democratic Party

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  1. He is an absentee general. Far from the fighting troops when the bullets start to fly. The recent Burnaby Mountain protest is a good example.

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