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Mike Hudema is a true professional protestor. His years of idiotic stunts ranging from eating ballots to building protest sculptures on the lawns of constituency offices to heckling working people at automotive conventions. Hudema is pretty much opposed to all forms of reasonable energy or progress and like most eco-extremists opposes trade deals and general prosperity due to anything with a whiff of capitalism involved in it.


While most people rolled their eyes or even got annoyed with Hudema’s stunts, he impressed the multinational corporation of Greenpeace enough that they have put him on the Edmonton payroll where he has been involved in such respected movements as of course Occupy Edmonton among his many other attention seeking but essentially pointless stunts.


Hudema reading something to a rather less than enthralled crowd at the illegal Edmonton Occupy squatting encampment

We can expect to see Hudema’s glazed eyes and face at the head of many more protests until he finally pushes something far enough to land himself in jail for an extended period. What is interesting in the stories below though is that while Hudema is usually a main organizer, he appears to disappear when the arrests happen while his followers get busted. Cagey if nothing else.


Climate Change Activists Drop Banner get Arrested in New York

Dozens of Keystone XL pipeline protesters arrested in Canada

Greenpeace protest ends peacefully, with arrests  





Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange,  Ruckus Society Candidate Alberta New Democratic Party

4 thoughts on “Mike Hudema

  1. He is an absentee general. Far from the fighting troops when the bullets start to fly. The recent Burnaby Mountain protest is a good example.

    • Absolutely right. Note how the “NO KM” banner appeared on Edmonton’s high level bridge just hours after MH’s Face Book note on how the “people” defeated energy east and the “people” could now defeat Trans Mountain. When interviewed by our local press the banner hangers were identified only as protesters. Why would this be? Two of them (at least) are trained Green Peace true believers who join nautical protests off KM property in Burnaby. I think it might be GP fear of liability. When an organization put’s its representatives at risk (dangling from a bridge structure or boating around a construction barge) they could be liable under OHS law at least. This is why GP funds, but does not work at the sharp-end. Liability makes cowards of us all.

  2. Does this guy use fossil fuels? If he does he deserves no ones ears. Those protesting pipelines are not solving the problem. Spend more time doing your research and understanding the transition that needs to happen. Become part of the solution. Hurting Canadas ability to sell oil leaves a gap that’s filled by those that don’t care about the environment and will produce and sell their oil with a far greater impact to the world than Canada’s clean Oil sands production methods. We have some real places to put our focus. The use of fresh water for oil and gas purposes requires tighter controls and reuse programs for example. Guys like Mike need to get focused on these issues. Start with something credible and achievable

    • Hahahahahahaha!
      “Canada’s clean Oil sands production methods.”
      I challenge you to look beyond your little confirmation-bias echo-chambers and look up some research as to how energy/water/toxic-release intensive Bitumen production and subsequent upgrading and refining really is.

      Ah yes, one of the puritanical-perfectionist school…
      “Anyone who has ever used petroleum in any form for any purpose is automatically disqualified from any form of discussion, critique, criticism, protest, or opposition of any aspect of the petroleum industry. Forever – or, at least until they live barefoot in a cave in the woods with a hair-shirt”

      “I on the other hand, am completely hypocrisy and contradiction-free and hence am able to freely contradict and condemn those who take a stand and take actions. I speak as apologist for things in which I have no skin-in-the-game just because I am perfect.”


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