Jason Devine


Jason Devine is one of Calgary’s most extreme and prolific activists. Wherever there is a speech to try and shout down or a communist rally to hold, one can expect Jason to be there.

Jason and his wife Bonnie are both literal and active Communists though Bonnie’s electoral efforts under the Communist Party of Alberta have been somewhat less than fruitful as she proved herself to be a true one-percenter.

Jason Devine has run a small but militant activist group that purports to be based on anti-racism but appears to be more focussed on general anarchy. Devine used to lead his group on annual clashes against white supremacist groups where most commentators ended up agreeing that they could not tell which groups were more extreme or nutty; the supremacists or the anti-racist bunch. Having run out of white power rallies these days, who knows what Devine plans to get into next.

Devine attends protests of all sorts and of course was quite active with the Occupy Calgary bunch.


4 thoughts on “Jason Devine

  1. I wonder when Children’s Aid will take Jason’s kids next for subjecting them to danger from those he provokes. Wouldn’t be the first time…

  2. Sometimes people target the wrong people and when that happens divine justice will bring hell and brimstone down on the Divine only in name. Jason made a mistake. Big mistake

  3. Supporting the stolen native land nonsense then promoting open borders and massive refugees cultural marxism..then comes making settler colonial white people villians is not going to make you many friends in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta..

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