Henyk Szydlowski

heynkHenyk has embraced the purest of hipster ideals in that he is sticking it to the man by embracing homelessness and attending every possible protest in order to demonstrate his deep sense of entitlement.

What is outstanding with Henyk Szydlowski though is that while he tries to live the peace/love hippy lifestyle, Henyk has demonstrated a propensity to violence when reality calls and society steps in to tell him to piss off.

In the later stages of the illegal squatting encampment in Olympic Plaza that was called “Occupy Calgary”, Henyk got quite upset when the city finally began to act in evicting him and his compatriots from the park. While hiding behind trees to utter his threats (in the video below) does display a deep cowardice in Henyk, the fact that he feels he can and should threaten people like this makes him a dangerous little fellow.

Heynk has been hanging about the short-lived “Idle No More” protest movement and doubtless will be found and arrested at future protests. Let’s hope he learns to deal with his anger and entitlement issues more productively down the road.



2 thoughts on “Henyk Szydlowski

  1. One of the most beautiful beings i’ve ever been blessed to meet ^^
    I love the directory on activists, Cory. Even though it appears you could have some ill intent it is indeed a beautiful site that shows off some of the change makers you are living around. LOVE IT!
    Peace out, Cory. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful being, this Henyk fella is. He stands behind what he believes, and knows to be true. Thank you, Henyk, and everyone else on this list!

    Comrades. xo

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