Gary Wassaykeesic


Gary is a chronic and typical protester loaded with a deep anger and sense of entitlement.

Hanging about with the short lived Idle No More bunch took part of Gary’s time among many other protests and complaints

Gary and a gang of criminals more recently dropped in on the town of North Westover Ontario where they finally managed to get themselves arrested for illegally trespassing at a pumping station.

In court appearances, supporters of those arrested have demonstrating by literally farting on members of the press and Gary Wassaykeesic has put out the classy video statement below where he says:

“Westover should be fucking thanking us. For letting the world that a small shit little town like Westover actually exists!”

No Gary, Westover owes you nothing much less any thanks. You Gary should be thankful to the creator that you live in a nation where idiotic illegal protestors like yourself get slaps on the wrist rather than tossed into cells or even shot. Have a peek at Egypt some time.

I expect that further updates with arrests of Gary will be coming with time.

3 thoughts on “Gary Wassaykeesic

  1. Today i had the privilege of meeting Gary and after giving him a ride, on the hwy for 1.5 hrs talking about things and the way life has treated him over the years…..i have come to see he is not an angry person, on the contrary he like other people both Native and Non-native alike have been lost over the course of time in the cracks of the cities with the way Society has become, he is a very kind loving person full of life and carries a strong spirit to help people without wanting anything in return, the way the Governments has been pushing the people into a place where they only see to strike out and back in the only way they know to say its time to stop and look at what you are doing to the people and the land.

  2. I first met Gary at a lecture talk when Kevin Annett visited Toronto to discuss the problem with the government’s handling of the missing and murdered Native children who were forced to attend the damn residential schools (they weren’t even schools but rather death camps). Anyway, Gary is one of the most humble people you will ever meet and get to know! He has every right in the world to be angry at the world for all the crap he’s been through in his life, eg. the situation with his mother and all the other injustices against him as a proud Native person! So he has a good solid purpose in his life! You rock dude and keep up the great work!

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