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Ben Christensen in speaking in a scrum at a Calgary courthouse as the legal representative and spokesperson for Occupy Calgary

Time for an update as I recently got an email from the convict Ben Christensen demanding that I take down this blog posting. For a self-styled legal type, Ben writes legal style threats like an utter buffoon by the way. As Ben Christensen appears to be strongly dedicated advocate for pedophiles, I guess I should be happy for his incompetence as an advocate. Ben’s laughable threat letter.

Ben was indeed convicted for threatening prosecutors in trying to get his child molesting friend Dustin Frank released as can be seen in this story.


Among that small group of “Occupy Calgary” protesters was a fellow named Patrick Ryckman. Patrick is an unrepentant pedophile who was now been convicted multiple times.

Christensen is not only a fool, he has a clear pattern of association with child molesters. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

Ben Christensen is a colorful character if nothing else.

As of this writing, Ben was languishing in jail for apparently threatening prosecutors in an attempt to hinder prosecution of his fellow Occupy Calgary activist Derrick Justin Frank who has been convicted as a pedophile.


Ben tried to run in the 2013 Calgary Centre by-election campaign for the “Progressive Canadian Party” but never managed to figure out how many signatures were required on the nomination papers to be eligible as a candidate.

His campaign was comical as can be seen in the video below where he was kicked off the Mount Royal University campus.

The humor is much darker when Ben is fighting for the rights of child molesters to be free to camp within our city parks however.

2 thoughts on “Ben Christensen

  1. Mr. Morgan: quite the piece of work, though I might ostensibly appear a joke to you and evidently the work of other people in this country who spend their time advocating for civil liberties to be preserved in this democratic nation, you clearly lack vision and intellect enough to comprehend just how egregious and destructive the corrupt antics of the very people you believe are your “trusted public officials” actually are.

    As for the alleged “threats” incident, although the CPS, and the media have sought to defame and demonize my very integral character and seemingly personify me as the activist turned criminal I would very much like to assure you of two things

    1. There is far more than meets the eye behind the story of every circumstance and

    2. I would be most happy to oblige you a chance to see for yourself the evidence I have from the alleged “threats” where a supposedly respectable Detective not only swore a false testimony on repeated occasions to a judge (see criminal code of Canada S.128-129 and S139) but further went to the extent of committing a criminal act of torture (S.269.1 of the Criminal Code) when he knowingly exploited a person with a diagnosed anxiety disorder to obtain a statement. His intent is beyond doubt in the interview summary when this individual advised him of his condition, requested medication for it and simply continued to interview this individual who was at the time having an anxiety related panic attack. Thus subjecting him to a state of “Mental Suffering” for the sole purpose of obtaining a confession against me. Such antics are beyond sick, they are as illustrated in the sections of the Criminal Code above, in fact Criminal.

    you sir are a buffoon of an ill informed and dubious nature. You facade as a journalist and recognized blogger but are none more than a very dull witted cynic who for some inexplicable reason chooses to bully and broadcast your jaded views of persons seeking to raise awareness and/or otherwise create a necessary change to restore the dignity that has been lost in this country by corrupt officials for far too long.

    For the record, I don’t know Mr. Frank nor would I ever wish to associate with such a person. and though you believe this very askew world is perfectly fine I assure you conspiracy is quite real and it has been strategically used to defame and discredit people who know too much about what is really going on.

    I wish you all the best in your miserable life and will continue to amuse myself at the very mindless and unfounded efforts of yourself to demonize the characters of persons you have not, and will never get the privilege of actually knowing face to face as a human being instead of just a target of your mindless and socially dismal antics.

    God Bless

    I’ve never met you, I don’t know you but for your actions against me you are forgiven, I hold no grudge…I don’t have any reason to, because God knows who I am, and those who are loyal to me as friends, business associates, family or otherwise are not the least phased by yours or any other entity’s defamatory efforts to slander my good nature and integrity.

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