Aaron Doncaster

Aaron is a colorful sort of character. I had a lively encounter with him in a coffee shop where he began screaming at me that I had blood on my hands as somehow I personally was responsible for a couple of his squatter buddies having burned themselves after having set their tent on fire during the Occupy Calgary thing.

Below is some video I shot of Aaron trying to explain that somehow the City of Calgary was apparently criminally responsible for his compatriots having managed to light themselves on fire. He as always is the picture of rationality.

Aaron came to Calgary from Nova Scotia where he had already established himself a reputation as a vocal sort as he heckled and protested politicians.


Aaron Doncaster and Tavis Ford while illegally squatting in a Calgary city park

Aaron was out with the “Idle No More” bunch in Calgary and doubtless will be surfacing in future demonstrations.

3 thoughts on “Aaron Doncaster

  1. Aaron Doncaster is the organizer of the Hands Off Venezuela events in Calgary. That is a group of propaganda that channels Maduro’s money into Canada. In the posters of the organization, his email appears. No hands off venezuela organizer goes unpaid. some Canadian Unions organize “cultural” events. Those events ALWAYS have a venezuelan official speaking commie crap. Maduro’s regime give the money for such event but they give much more than needed. It’s a facade. That remaining money goes to political activities here. This could be illegal. I’m venezuelan, I know what I’m talking about. Have been here 3 years with my eyes wide open.

  2. Aaron has been related to the Venezuelan regime since he was in Halifax, where he was chairman of the May Day commie fanzine, often organizing venezuelan propaganda events.

    He has ties with “Hands Off Venezuela” at least since 2004, when his signature appears in a document along many NDP individuals


    This guy gets money from a foreign tyrannical regime in order to influence canadian people. This should be taken seriously.

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