Canada’s serial activist directory.

This is a basic directory with a little background on some of Canada’s more prolific (and often crazy) activists who protest pretty much everything imaginable. If one watches coverage of enough protests, they will note that the same faces keep appearing over and over again. These are those folks. The list is heavier on the Calgary side of things and has much more filling out to be done. I expect that the names and details of their profiles will expand as time passes.

Dan Beaudoin

Tzeporah Berman

Ben Christensen

Joanne Costello

Jason Devine

Aaron Doncaster

Tavis Ford

Derrick Justin Frank

Jeff Hanks

Randal Houle

Mike Hudema

Peter Hopperton

Bailey Lamon

Chelsea Pratchett

Grant Neufeld

Chris McMillan

Trish Mills

Katie Nelson

Dave Prychitka

Elysia Petrone

Mike Roy

Clayton Ruby

Mandi Schrader

Sarah Scout

Henyk Szydlowski

Tony Swain

Brent Talbot

Gary Wassaykeesic

Samantha Withnell

2 thoughts on “Canada’s serial activist directory.

  1. This is a particularly interesting website. I am not quite sure what good could come out of writing profile of ordinary citizens who are passionate about speaking out about issues important to them. At the end of the day, activists are a dime a dozen and always seem to be rather regular in their everyday lives. Activism itself has experienced a mass metamorphosis from what it was decades ago. Today’s activist is way more image and socially conscious than those of decades past, as political sensitivities have become more politically correct and culturally sensitive. To describe Canadian activism would best be served by describing it as ‘Canadian’, in the sense of being very polite when considering how activism is done in most countries around the world.

    I guess that a central question would be to ask, what is an activist? and what kind of activist is a true threat? Are any of this activists beating people up? Are any of these activists destroying livelihoods? Are any of these activists guilty of hate against or amongst peoples? Are any of these activist threatening harm to persons or property? Who are these people beyond a rough profile in this grand inventory of Canadian activism. Where are the great scholars and intellectuals that drive the mass of students to the streets and occupy public buildings for weeks at the time? Where are the union leaders that organize grand national strikes and stop whole industries from operating for months? Where are the crazed anarchists who engage in public acts of martyrdom? Where are these grand actions worthy of keeping up with and monitoring? Where are the communiques and utopian political programs? Where? Anywhere?

    This website appears to be an outcry of nostalgia for things to be what they once were. A cry for popular sentiments that have seemed to be outpaced by today’s activism, which in no way resembles the movements of days when struggles seemed to have been spectacles in themselves without social media and mass consumption. This grand collection of dangerous profiles is more of a collection of passionate citizens who seem not terribly militant in a historical context, as I am not sure that any of these would have participated in the old protest from the 30s.

    I would also imagine that some of these profiles would have to be erased, as some activist burn out, or just move on.

  2. Glad I found this. I was excited about an offering for families for an outside movie, only to find on the site that a bunch of nutters were tearing it down on FB because of their personal opposition to Enbridge, the sponsor. At first I was unsure why people would go out of their way to discourage such a lovely local event, benefitting the Hamilton Conservatory. Especially since we can be sure it is likely they use Enbridge’s products, which in my mind makes them hypocrites. One woman in particular left me a long-winded personal attack accusing me of “not giving an eff” about the environment, and clearly had nothing better to do on a Friday than troll FB and volley comments back and forth. The connection baffled me, quite frankly. How did NOT supporting the park or enjoying the family time mean I suddenly was a person who didn’t care about the environment? Well, your page answered that question for me. I disengaged from the conversation, realizing this woman, Trish Mills, was simply a nutter who feels that chaining herself to fences helps the environment. I’m of the opinion that reducing your personal carbon footprint and supporting your local parks (to be clear, NONE of the profit from this event was going to Enbridge, that comes from the gas oil we use) is a more effective, SANE method, mostly because I don’t care for personal glory or a criminal record. So obviously I was wasting my time and had unnecessarily got caught up being put on the defensive. Without your directory, I would have had no idea what I had gotten myself into by engaging with this person. So thanks, that was helpful.

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