Canada should join the USA in de-funding the corrupt and inept World Health Organization

Let’s face it. The WHO blew it big time. We are living in one of the very moments which this organization was formed to deal with and they have proven themselves to be hopelessly inept as they respond to every emergency slowly and appear to be trying to provide cover for China.

The WHO like most branches of the UN is simply a pit of patronage appointments for well connected bureaucrats.

The jet setting for that corrupted group is repugnant to say the least.

The bureaucrats blew $192 million dollars in high heeled travel in just one year!

For what? What on earth do they need to spend that kind of travel money on?

Hell, with that kind of jet setting one has to wonder how many exotic diseases were spread just by WHO staff alone.

That number is actually down.

In 2017, the AP reported that WHO was spending roughly $200 million each year on travel, including first-class airplane tickets and five-star hotels for its director-general.

The USA has suspended the $400 million per year that it gives to the WHO and with good reason.

Canada spends in the range of $30 million per year on the WHO. We should stop that funding immediately.

These world organizations are little more than tax funded social clubs for the well connected.

Perhaps if countries start cutting funding and demanding results as the USA just did, those organizations would finally start working to do something useful.

There are few good things that may come from the COVID-19 pandemic but the extrication of nations from UN money pits such as the WHO may be one of them.

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