Can Canada regain international respect? It depends on how we vote next month.

International respect is essential for any country that wants to be a player on the world stage. Some nations gain that respect with military might, Some nations gain that respect with trade clout.

Nations like Canada have to gain international respect through solid, strong and smart diplomacy and leadership. Under Justin Trudeau we have had none of that. Trudeau is turning Canada into an international laughingstock and we will all pay the price for this if the electorate does not choose to fire this buffoon next month.

Time Magazine of the USA broke the story of Justin Trudeau’s blackface follies yesterday. Since then we have found that it is something of a pattern for Justin to paint himself black.

Today pretty much every major news outlet on earth along with every commentator and night time talk show host is taking about the ridiculous man who Canada calls their Prime Minister.

American news
UK news
Russian news

The stories seem to have no end and they keep emerging as more incidents pop up.

Canada has lost a lot of face on the world stage under Trudeau’s comical leadership this last four years. This weeks incident is nothing less than a catastrophe

People around the world can be very understanding.

Every democratic nation has elected a dud now and then. It can be forgiven.

What can’t and wont be forgiven is if Canada re-elects its dud!

Can you imagine Trudeau representing us in India for the next four years? The Middle East? Africa?

Nobody can take Justin Trudeau seriously and if we put him back in power for four more years, nobody will take Canada seriously either.

We have a chance just over a month from now to redeem ourselves by firing Justin Trudeau at the polls.

We had better not blow it or we truly won’t deserve the world respect that we need.

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