Calgary’s war on cars now targets suburban park-and-ride users.

The ideologically driven transportation department in Calgary is hitting new lows in their war on cars as they now attack folks who park their cars in order to use transit. That’s right, it’s not good enough that people park their cars at LRT stations in suburban communities and take the train to work. These people are expected to walk, ride bikes or somehow find one of those rare, crowded and often pungent busses that will take them to the station.

The City of Calgary plans to remove 1250 stalls from Anderson LRT station!

Councillor Brian Pincott is of course absolutely giddy with this notion. He feels that the parking lot is not “walkable” enough. No surprise that he is one of the head members of the “Flakey Four” on city council.

I stopped by the Anderson LRT station today to take a few pictures. As can be seen below, the lot is already full beyond capacity to the point where people are desperately double parking and hoping to get overlooked by Calgary’s finest ticket issuers.

Anderson stationIMG552

It should be noted though, that the bike racks at the station languish empty as usual.


So where are these 1250 commuters going to go? Whether Nenshi’s council like it or not, citizens simply are not going to abandon their cars no matter how hard they are pushed. This was proven with recent numbers showing that the vast majority of Calgarians prefer personal autos despite years of an anti-auto agenda from the Nenshi administration.

Cars are already overflowing into neighboring communities as the picture below demonstrates. Residential permit parking and mass enforcement may drive out these commuter refugees but they will still have to go somewhere.

IMG554Commuters can’t go one more station South as the Canyon Meadows park and ride is already full to overflowing (likely spaces next on the city hit list).


The sad irony is that many of these displaced commuters will throw up their hands and just drive the entire way downtown rather than ride the train.

This sort of planning idiocy will also of course contribute to the growing trend of businesses relocating to areas like Quarry Park and up near the airport as downtown becomes increasingly unviable for employees. This of course increases the ongoing exodus of citizens to bedroom communities and the ever demonized “sprawl” accelerates.

To remove 1250 spaces from a lot that is already filled beyond capacity is a whole new level of stupidity from our city planners but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

This is the city that is letting a homeless charity lose $350,000 per year purely due to their anti-auto agenda.

Eventually Nenshi will move on to his federal ambitions and the city will tire of his allies in the “Flakey Four”. How much damage will these ideologues cause to the city before they leave though?

6 thoughts on “Calgary’s war on cars now targets suburban park-and-ride users.

  1. It’s funny how this anti-car bs seems to be occurring in cities across the country and beyond. Coincidence?

    • Coincidence, no. It is part of the UN’s Agenda 21. Unable to be certain of getting the national government of countries on board, Agenda 21 ignores national sovereignty and goes directly to municipal government to implement its anti-people marxist plan.

  2. Same thing in Montreal where the AMT is now ‘experimenting’ with having 10% of the parking spaces reserved upon yearly payment. Already this winter there were fewer spaces because the snow was piled up in the parking lot and not being cleared.

  3. We are in so much trouble with this city council and Mayor.I cringe knowing we live in Woolley’s nirvana and paying attention to his agenda is essential. In fact, I have never seen so many people perk up and pay attention to the noise and nonsense coming out of city hall. it appears that maybe when it affect them, their conveniences, their investments etc……they are perking up.

    How did Calgarians let this happen? What a mess they have made allowing the election of these people.

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