Anti-vaccination nuts picking up where the religious ones left off.


With most conspiracy driven crackpots I generally roll my eyes and let them go on with their imagined world ills. Reasoning with the conspiracy-inclined is an exercise in futility and only invites a barrage of links to youtube videos and blogs that are poorly sourced and created by other conspiracy types as they feed from each other’s paranoia and delusions.

With folks who feel that aliens are among us I can laugh or even those offensive ones who claim 911 was an inside job can be ignored. When the conspiracy kooks get into the realm of healthcare however they can become terribly dangerous to people at large as they try and occasionally succeed in spreading their misinformation.

One dangerous conspiracy theory is the one claiming that a cure for cancer is being suppressed by evil big pharmaceutical companies which is always rationalized by the profoundly simplistic, standalone statement of: “They make more money treating cancer than they would curing it.” Yes folks, tens of thousands of researchers, company presidents and doctors are all in on this and none leak while their friends, family and even they themselves die of cancer. Just take a short trip into the world of capitalism and project what really would happen if a pharmaceutical company came out with a cure for cancer. I assure you that every senior person in that company and investor would become quite rich as shares explode and the company moves to the top of the very competitive pharmaceutical ladder.

Those folks who believe that the cure for cancer is being hidden tend of course to feel that conventional treatment for cancer is a sham. These folks then can be prone to telling vulnerable and frightened, newly diagnosed cancer patients to seek alternative treatments. This is where a huge line has been crossed by these assholes. Mexican clinics and countless other sham herbalists and “alternative” providers are more than happy to suck the money from a person with cancer while that person dies in need of real treatment. While conventional cancer treatment can be ugly and awful to endure, the cure rates are quite good with many cancers as compared to those God damned Mexican herbal clinics with a near 100% mortality rate.

Now on to the anti-vaccination nuts. Despite overwhelming evidence showing the benefits of vaccination, an enduring movement still exists that wants to take us back a couple centuries where the life expectancy was around 30 years or so. While science does not support this movement (or even simple common sense), celebrities often do and they are given a platform to spew their dangerous nonsense on vapid daytime shows such as Ophrah Winfrey which unfortunately lends an air of credibility to their crap. Playmate model Jenny McCarthy has championed anti-vaccination pap for years and now has a seat among the hens on The View where she doubtless will be spreading more of her garbage.

Diseases like measles, whooping cough and even tetanus are harming children in the developed world again when they had been nearly wiped out by vaccination due to fools listening to air-headed celebrities rather than their doctor.

The HPV vaccine has been found to be more important than ever in preventing a whole host of cancers in both men and women if it can be applied early enough. This vaccine was fought vigorously by hardcore socially conservative groups and fools who feel that this vaccine would somehow encourage promiscuity. This nonsense has been losing steam and HPV vaccinations have been becoming more widespread and among both genders. I wrote awhile ago on my cousin Shawn’s battle with a cancer caused by HPV. The shot years ago would have saved him much more agony than any misguided efforts to preserve his chastity could have. Shawn and his wife have been working tirelessly to get the HPV vaccine extended to boys in Alberta as it had been predominantly given to girls.

The anti-vaccination gang while stinging from being utterly and totally discredited in their “vaccinations cause autism” bullshit have now put HPV solidly in their sights so that they may fill the void of idiocy left as the social conservatives gave up their opposition to this important vaccine. Armed with more links to conspiracy sites, youtube videos and other unfounded bullshit sites the anti-vaccination crowd is working hard to ensure cancers caused by HPV continue to harm people in the next generation. New conspiracies are being created along with more fabricated risks from vaccination.

I am long winded enough and I think I have made my thoughts pretty clear on the anti-vaccination bunch. I will save you some google time and provide two links below that put lie to this latest wave of idiocy and battling against beneficial medicine.

Don’t let the anti-vaccination conspiracy gang get a toehold on HPV vaccines. Let’s nip their misinformation in the bud and folks, get yourself and your kids vaccinated. You need only visit an old cemetery to see the young deaths that were so common prior to vaccination to see how it was. If you really want a dose of reality, ask some polio survivors what they think of people opposing the vaccines that would have saved them from childhood agony and a lifetime crippled.



5 thoughts on “Anti-vaccination nuts picking up where the religious ones left off.

  1. Cory the other side of that is the SEVER side effects that vaccines can cause but many people refuse to acknowledge as being linked to them. My oldest had a fever that nearly killed him from a vaccine while my niece now has seizures after a vaccine she had when she was 3 or 4. There are side effects and they can be mild to major enough to kill the kid. Not to mention that there are additives that can be harmful as well. Your claim that whooping cough was nearly wiped out is false as it has always been a problem and the slight increase we have seen lately has been directly linked to environmental factors. There is basis for arguments against vaccines so to just dismiss them without investigating is silly.

  2. Cory – the HPV vaccine has recorded the highest number of adverse events and death than any other vaccine. You need to look at the other side of things as well
    he VAERS statistics show that HPV vaccinations have caused the following adverse reactions in the US:

    Deaths: 140
    Disabled: 952
    Did not recover: 6,032
    Abnormal pap smear: 531
    Cervical dysplasia: 214
    Cervical cancer: 64
    Life-threatening: 562
    ER visit: 10,557
    Hospitalized: 3,065
    Extended hospital stay: 234
    Serious: 4,091
    Adverse events: 30,352

    • Judy Judy Judy. VAERS is pretty much worthless. It’s not even powered to show correlation, let alone causality. It is gamed by anti-vaxxers, based on what’s been passed around the internet. Moreover, you’re just stating numbers. In a random group of millions of people, you will probably find an equal number of the events, which would lead a rational, non-ignorant person to say, “oh, there’s no correlation.”

      In a REAL epidemiological study, which followed nearly 200,000 girls and young women post HPV vaccination, there were no major adverse events. A lot of fainting (syncope) immediately after the vaccination, but that happens.

      Really, if you’re going to argue science Judy, bring some real evidence not laughable ones. Bring some real statistics with a comparison against controls. And don’t lie.

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