Angelo Isidorou won’t let the cancel-mob knock him down

Angelo Isidorou is a young podcaster/journalist in Vancouver who while ironically running an ongoing chow about cancel culture, is now a victim of that very cancel culture himself. 

A fringe-left publication online used a picture of Angelo from years ago in a pose using the OK sign and created a campaign to label Isodorou as a white supremacist. It was a ridiculous reach but the damage was done and even the Mayor of Vancouver jumped on the bandwagon of trying to label Isidorou. 

The parallels with Caylan Ford are striking as she was targeted unfairly by a fringe left publication as well and Calgary’s mayor jumped into the fray. 

Ford is suing those who defamed her and so is Isodorou. 

They won’t let these online bullies smear them and potentially ruin their future career paths. 

Angelo explains to me in detail in the video below what led to this mess and what he is doing about it. 

Let’s all hope that Angelo and Caylan are both successful in their actions. If the unprincipled publications that slandered Ford and Isidorou lose these suits, it will set a precedent that will help prevent this kind of odious character assassination in the future. 

Consider helping Angelo out with his legal funds at the link below. It’s going to be a long battle and it is for all of us in the end. 

Here is Angelo’s Gofundme page.

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