Alison Redford hits tinpot dictator status in her latest petty move.


During a crisis elected representatives on all levels take on a new role of leadership in gathering and disseminating critical information to their constituents. A local councillor, MLA or MP is always well in touch with the area and it’s people and is a familiar face for residents to turn to in a disaster.

I think that well over 99% of people would agree that in a crisis of the magnitude facing Southern Alberta in this disaster that partisanship must be set aside so that all representatives may best serve their constituents. This means including ALL local elected officials MUST be kept fully in the informational loop as briefings are held so that communications may be sent to residents.

Leave it to Alison Redford to hit a truly pathetic new low in having Danielle Smith, the MLA for Highwood kept out from government crisis briefings while putting the long gone former Progressive Conservative MLA on the podium to speak to residents of High River.

That is right, Alison Redford would rather have a former and retired MLA speak to residents rather than the one popularly elected to represent Highwood. I could understand if Smith was from outside of the constituency and was trying to ham in on camera time. In this case, Danielle Smith resides right in the heart of the disaster. Would Redford ban Nenshi from Calgary briefings? Of course not.

Redford is actually purposely interfering with the role and job of an MLA during a literal disaster. I would expect this sort of crap in Russia or Iran where democracy is a mere façade.

I am sure Smith and many others are too polite to say it but I will come right out with it. Redford is a sour and miserable person who has trouble endearing herself to anybody at the best of times. The Premier and her sad little band of communication monkeys are hoping to capitalize politically on one of Alberta’s worst disasters of the century. While Danielle Smith is simply trying to do her job, Redford fears the optics of a hardworking and caring MLA further endearing herself to the electorate through doing her job.

This strategy will backfire Redford as you work quickly to enshrine yourself as Alberta’s most pathetic, self-serving Premier in history. 2016 cant come soon enough.

41 thoughts on “Alison Redford hits tinpot dictator status in her latest petty move.

  1. “I would expect this sort of crap in Russia or Iran where democracy is a mere façade. ”

    In Canada the facade is just built a little sturdier ,but the shine is wearing off these days,no pretense of civility or decorum anymore.

    Redford in that photo at top,looks like a shrewish character out of a Dickens novel, Mrs.Micawber?

  2. She was on a role before this and they do need to reassess their PBD (political brain damage) mindset.

    I spent an afternoon with folks from HR yesterday and these folks are salt of the earth, Seniors and this will anger them, big time because DS has been their lifeline. T

    his Premier was from there and to do this to the folks that voted for someone other than her is despicable. Danielle has done an excellent job for HR during this and just when I was ready to give the Premier kudos I heard this today.
    Not so fast now!

  3. Premier Platitude criss-crosses the province on taxpayer dime, neglecting to lift a sandbag while busying herself with campaign-style speeches and preening for the camera, pledging to spend billions she has already squandered to fix problems her party could have prevented. Albertans crave real leadership in the aftermath of our greatest disaster – no more flood relief for residents on flood plains, real solutions to prevent future disasters, and an end to wasteful spending and bloated bureaucracies. When will Albertans say enough?

    • No more flood relief for those on flood plains?!?! DO you realize that the ENTIRE downtown core of Calgary is technically a flood plain, though this is the first time we have flooded like this, so what do we do with downtown Calgary? Then you add in that insurance companies don’t even have flood insurance available in Canada PERIOD and I want to know how you figure that is even close to fair or logical? That is one of the most asinine comments I have ever heard and certainly the stupidest during this disaster!

      • Why do you think there’s no insurance for flood plains? You think it’s fair that Albertans who choose to live elsewhere are forced to subsidize those who choose to live in flood plains? I feel very bad for the suffering and carnage, i never said I didn’t, yet supporters of the status quo would be happy to see it happen over and over again. Who’s being asinine?

    • “No more flood relief for residents on flood plains”? How exactly would you like to define blood plains? The places that flood once every ten years or the ones that flood every 100 years? The ones that don’t flood for 50 years, then flood three times in 20 years? Where would you like to permanently relocate the 100 or so thousand people who live on this years flood plain?
      “Real solutions to prevent future disasters”? If you have some ‘real’ solutions, please share them. My community thought we had a real solution – a multi-million dollar berm. You know what? My community is under 10 or 15 feet of water…

      • Gee, if your house was flooded by a rising river, it sounds like a flood plain to me. Not rocket science here. If you through ignorance or entitlement choose to live there, you are on the hook. Why should Alberta taxpayers foot the bill for ignorance and entitlement? insurance rules should apply – river floods, you get assistance this time, but never again. What excuse do residents along rivers that have flooded consistently for a century have for not knowing this was a likelihood? There are stacks of municipal, provincial and federal studies on flood plains – try reading one. As for your berm, I’m sorry your community was lulled into a false sense of security, it sounds like your politicians and bureaucrats need to answer for their incompetence.

        • people like you have no compassion and i am really sorry you are so stuck up and dont care about these people. I personally think your a jackass and hope something happens to you to put you in the same position then maybe you will feel a little different

          • I have plenty of compassion, thank you. Hencewhy i say no more bailouts after 2013. I also don’t want people to have to endure this again because of poor decisions, bad policy or a complete lack of regulation. But in your world, you’d rather have people make the same mistakes over and over based on a lack of information or a complete disregard For it. But why take some responsibility for your actions? Just let the “government” bail you out. FYI, the government is you- you might want to wisen up to that.

        • Well, how clever you are for solving the provinces flooding problems. Now, how do you propose to end all these claims for hail damage? And what about those people who get bowled over by a tornado? Wild fire also accounts for much property damage and some years there are drought claims from farmers. Spring storms have been known to decimate cattle herds. Then there was mad cow disease. I just think it would be best if we all moved out of Alberta.

        • FYI…the majority of the homes hit in this town WERE NOT IN THE FLOOD PLAIN…what part of that do you not understand you jackass??? This town has never seen a flood of this magnitude in its history…why don’t you take your self righteous little self off and wallow in your miserableness and leave the towns people of High River to do what they have to (and will) do without your nasty self putting your two cents in…ugh…disgusting should be your nickname…because that is what you are…politics have no place in discussing the plight of these people…

          • To Disgusted: How many billions would it cost to move hundreds of thousands of people and infrastructure to “higher” land? I guess that includes half of downtown – what fools to build downtown Calgary so close to a dangerous river over a hundred years ago! (Yes, I’m being facetious). Maybe they shouldn’t cover hail damage to all of those idiots who don’t have a garage like me, or those who live in NW Calgary where they get hit harder and more often by the hail storms. Yeah, maybe they should all move out of harms way so we don’t have to pay for their stupid decision to park their cars outside in the NW… (see how dumb that reasoning is?).

          • Wile you people are sitting here acting like “educated” people with all the answers to dollars & cents and dumba$$es, thousands of people have self organized and done more then any government official or you have done and they did it for free. Not any expectation at all. They are doing more then your tax dollars are and not even touching it. They are it because their own is in trouble and need. Look at you people looking to politicians and tax dollar opinions for help and are still sitting there waiting. Now is when you should be looking at real people and real heroes who know what need and taking action is about. Plain and simple they just did it. I don’t live in a flood zone yet I have put my boots and gloves on and did what I had to do to make the situation better because that is what being a human should be about and thousands have agreed and acted the same. This is what people should be looking at in this situation. Be people not puppets. Lets make a decision to worry about the people in need right now and we can get back to the imaginary money system later. The real needs and concerns should be giving fellow Albertans and humans food, shelter, clean water and clothes. Till then don’t look for help from individuals doing nothing but organizing speeches when again thousands of people have done an amazing cleanup job with no official leadership, politicians, money or anything other then offering humanity. The sooner we realize this as a species the sooner we can all stop paying taxes and arguing who gets to spend it and how. No Albertan made the decision to get flooded, mother nature did and she always gets what she wants.

  4. All I can say is I hope all you who voted Conservative are happy with the Management Style of The Progressively Deteriorating Conservatives.

  5. First, you provide no reference what so ever to you claim the this even happened.

    Second, with the comments made by Smith yesterday she has proven to be dangerous and is not willing to do everything in her power to upheld the directives sent by those in charge of this disaster. Medical experts, law officials, civic engineers say to stay clear of the place – and there is Danielle saying get back to your houses.

    The women is a disgrace.

  6. Danielle Smith shouldn’t be involved as she is directly affected. Yes, this means she is relatable, but they should have unbiased speakers to ensure the residents are receiving proper information instead of the biased opinion of someone who has been affected by the disaster.

    Lets stop criticizing the government and let them do their jobs so our families can go home.

  7. She has been a crotchety Old hag since she was voted in. Smith is the backbone of HR and the people their stand by her side. While Redfern was sleeping all cozy in her 2 million dollar home HR was swimming for their lives! Why couldn’t she have been washed away with the current!!! But we can only blame ourselves for voting this idiot in!

    • Daniel is a leader. Leaders lead by example. Leaders inspire. Leaders are not afraid to carry their own weight.
      ALL the things Redford is not. I hope people who are conservative voters remember this when the next election comes.

  8. Not only is this an instance of poor public relations, it could be a matter that affects the personal security and well-being of Highwood constituents. Very, very poor choice on the part of the Premier. She is NOT what’s right with Alberta.

  9. Just like Katrina was for Bush, so is High River for Redford. Apparently Redford and her cronies do not learn from history, but it’s not surprising…I too, cannot wait for 2016.

  10. Speaking of petty politics, you wouldn’t be a major supporter for the Wildrose would you Corey? Yes, ideally it would be best to include the local MLA, you have a point, but me thinks you are making a quite a big deal out of something that might actually be less “dictatorial” when you know all the facts.

    • Spoken like a TRUE PC apologist!
      If it happened we have a reason it wasn’t us and we have reason it was someone else fault. A TOTAL LACK OF LEADERSHIP!

  11. I cannot believe the incessant whining from the WRP and their supporters about this. Danielle is not part of the government task force and therefore has NO right being involved in the disaster. Disasters are not the place for politicians!

    What can I say though, typical of WRP supporters and MLAs to turn a disaster into something petty and partisan.

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    • “Disasters are not the place for politicians!”

      Then perhaps Redford and her band of cronies should also stay out of it, hmmm? How about Mayor Nenshi? Or perhaps Prime Minister Harper? They should all stay out it it, yes?

      • No, they should be involved. Why? Because they are ACTUAL leaders!

        You don’t see Raj Sherman or Brian Mason whining because they haven’t been involved. You don’t see the several MLAs in Calgary, who’s ridings were affected, complaining because they are not involved.

        Allow me to re-phrase what I said before; Disasters are not the place for Wanna-Be-But-Never-Will-Be-Premiers. Danielle needs to go home, shut up and let the actual leaders and rescue personal do their job. This is not the time for one of her attention grabs.

    • If you want to look at hypocrisy look at Redford and her imputes into High River, Calgary was three days to being back, feet o the ground. Other than partisan politics, what was the problem with 5000 residence being able to at least observe their homes before 9 days after the event. Redford can buy all the teachers she wants, we out number them.

  12. Danielle Smith is part of the local government. Some people (including Redford) are confusing “party” with “government”. Redford leads the party in power within the government. Every other MLA is still a part of government no matter what party they are in. As the government member representing High River provincially there is utterly no reason that the local MLA should be blocked from briefings so that she can communicate them to constituents.

    Tell me folks, what harm is caused by having the local MLA at these briefings? I see only insecurity on the part of the party in power as the reason.

    • Ms. Redford will show all you people that voting Wildrose was a mistake! IF you had voted for her you would be high and dry now and back in your homes already. NO REALLY! If you had voted for her the water wouldn’t have even hit you community. She would have made the water go around. NO REALLY!
      WHAT A CROCK – she leads a group of PC hacks that are so crocked and so dishonest that they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them at 60mph.

    • Tell me Cory, were the MLAs from the several Calgary regions, Canmore, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat or Drumheller involved? No, they weren’t and kudos to them for staying quiet and allowing the actual leaders to do their job!

      Danielle only wants to be involved so that she can be the subject of another photo op. She can’t handle the fact that Redford is looking like a hero, and like a spoiled child, she insists on being in the spotlight.

      I didn’t care for her before, I can’t stand her now. It is slimy, disgusting, selfish and reprehensible for her to worm her way into this situation for HER political benefit. But, what else should we expect from an incapable opportunist?

      • Can’t speak for the other communities you mentioned but we didn’t get flooded out here in Lethbridge, so why would our MLA’s (or any others unaffected) attend said briefing? Furthermore do you really know who attended?
        Your dislike for the WRP is clouding your ability to make sense. What part of “government member representing High River” is lost on you? MLA’s are there to represent the views & concerns of their constituents. So if the elected MLA of High River (who is every bit as affected by this disaster as her constituencies) is not present at a briefing, how’s Redford able to claim to be in a dialogue with said community and its’ leadership?
        The only thing reprehensible here is the blind idiocy behind your personal attack on someone, as homeless as everyone else from High River, “un-heroically” trying to serve what’s left of her community.

      • Why is it that she was the only politician who left the Legislature when the first State of Emergency was called? Sh drove into the battleground to sand bag to save the homes of her constituents. I have been a Conservative supporter all my life, but not this time around. I did not vote for Redfraud because I could see right through her crap. She didn’t win the leadership race, Gary Mar did, but the crap of who’s your second choice? That’s not an election/vote.

        Explain to me what Redfraud did during the whole crisis? She heard that there were state of Emergencies being called in her Province, and she chose to sit through a meeting to sell a pipeline in NY instead of hightailing her behind back home? What about the towns she forgot about? Exshaw was on the verge of running out of food because the Province forgot about them. How about that none of the so called emergency agencies were communicating with anyone? How about it took the Premier (if in fact it was even her) forever to call in the military? She left Doug Griffiths in charge of all of this while she was gone, and he had no clue, and was over whelmed.

        For you information, Redfraud does have poker in the fire. Her parents live in High River. That’s why she is so quick to give them the money, do you really think that if they didn’t live there, she would be this “generous”. Guess what? I think it’s reprehensible how Redfraud is trying to use this tragedy as a way to try and spread some flowers over her lies. Manure smells like manure.

      • You have a right to your opinion, I for one think that it is narrow minded and with out any form of reason. Go kiss Redford’s ass if you want to.

  13. It’s totally offside and frankly despicable. This is what we are up against. This Government thinks the province is thier own personal property and it’s people their subjects. It’s sickening, but not surprising. Liberals! See them for what they are and we can anticipate them. Trap them in their own conniving.

  14. This is Alison Redford’s way of punishing residents of Highwood for not voting “correctly”. She’s evil, … pure evil!

  15. I hadn’t seen Daniel for a few days, tweeted her to see what was happening. Didn’t hear back but I now understand why. So pleased to read this group of communications, now I know that my concerns were correct and why. My Son lives in High River, his home was high and dry. He is on immediately on the south side of the road to High view let was given permission to move back this afternoon (9th) day.
    There needs to be an inquiry into how this was handled and why it was handled the way it was. Many people were treated as though they were third class citizens through this. I don’t want to start on the Gun Seizures, another (Redford initiative that will be covered up). All Albertan’s should be taking notes, they could be next.

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