A repugnant anti-Christian display in Alberta


In the selfie above, it can be seen that I sport a tattoo of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was formed in 2005 in response to a ridiculous court ruling in Kansas that called for the teaching of “Intelligent design” alongside the teaching of evolution in science classes in public schools. The rationale was that nobody can prove that God didn’t create the Earth thus it must be given equal footing in science class. A brain-dead judge in Kansas agreed. Nobody can prove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster PBUH didn’t create the Earth either thus the church of FSM made an excellent point along with some great humour. More information on FSM can be found here.

What the picture demonstrates aside from my having a bad haircut and even worse taste in tattoos is that I am not a Christian by any means and am strongly opposed to seeing theology integrated into the public school system again. I have little use for any organized religion in general but do feel that people indeed have every right to believe in whatever fairy tale that they like as long as they never feel the need to have the state impose the delusion of their choosing upon others. This is why my ire is most often directed at the crescent moon rather than the crucifix when it comes to these matters.

Having established my lack of faith in Christianity, I will state clearly that I am not supporting the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta either. I have no simple photo to demonstrate that but there are dozens of postings on this site that pretty clearly demonstrate where I stand on things.

Now, on to the anti-Christian crap that has annoyed me. Premier Jim Prentice appointed Gordon Dirks as Alberta’s next Education Minister and this has caused elements on the left to go haywire calling the appointment controversial, inappropriate and even outrageous.

Why is the appointment of Dirks such an outrage? It is not that he is not well qualified. Dirks served over a decade as a trustee with the Calgary Board of Education, has a masters degree in education from the University of Regina. and served in multiple cabinet roles in the Saskatchewan government. Dirks has no record of controversy or extreme views so what the hell is the problem?

The problem is that Gordon Dirks is openly and unapologetically Christian!

Dirks has not called for bringing religion into the classrooms nor shown any indication that he wants to do so. He has not been a part of any of the crazy Street Ministries in Calgary or led any loony marches. All he has done is dare be open about his faith.

If Dirks starts moving towards trying to integrate church with government or classrooms I can assure you that I will be in the front of the line demanding that he be fired as minister at the very least. Until then though, the only real basis of opposition to this man is an overt and rather offensive anti-Christian outlook.

It has been said before and it is worth saying again, would these usual suspects be calling his appointment scandalous due to his faith if he were Muslim, Hindu or Jewish? Not for a second of course because those on this anti-Christian bandwagon are simply being shallow, hypocritical, anti-Christian assholes. Really folks, bigotry is bigotry no matter what faith you are pointing at. It is the actions one needs to be concerned with rather than the faith and we have not seen any controversial actions or intent from Dirks.

We are a free nation. That means that a person’s faith should not impact whether they qualify for a job or not. Do these anti-Christian folks not realize that when they say a person is not fit for cabinet due to their faith that this is the exact sort of prejudice that they love sending people to the Human Rights Commissions for?

Irony or hypocrisy it is distasteful all the same. The same crowd of folks who support people being dragged before Human Rights Commissions for the supposed crime of publishing cartoons feel that it is OK to disqualify a person from a position solely based on what their faith is.

The other thing that is annoying me here is that this display of anti-Christian attitudes is giving credence to idiots like Craig Chandler who like to claim that those who don’t like them must be “Christaphobes” Chandler just called me that name last week as a matter of fact. Just to clarify, my issue with Craig Chandler is not that he is a Christian. My issue with Craig Chandler is that he is a belligerent, unprincipled asshole who is poisoning Alberta’s entire political atmosphere. Let’s not give guys like Craig more excuses to play the victim here.

Being secular means keeping religion out of government, it does not mean keeping people who have religions out of government. I think that some of those folks who have been so outraged at the appointment of Dirks need to take a good long look into a mirror and think about who really is the intolerant one here.

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10 thoughts on “A repugnant anti-Christian display in Alberta

  1. Cory is right that the opposition to the Dirks appointment is a tempest in a teapot. He’s dead wrong, though, in my view, in his opposition to the teaching of intelligent design. So long as there continues to be no empirical evidence to support the theory that we’re monkey spawn, (and there isn’t, which is why they call it a theory) it’s only reasonable to explore and explain the credible alternatives.

    Cory says “We are a free nation, (and as such) a person’s faith should not impact whether they qualify for a job or not.” The most fundamental right in a free society is the right to say no. (If I tell you to jump, in a free society, you have the right to tell me to go pound salt.) And thus until a marriage commissioner can once again say, “No, I don’t feel comfortable participating in that ceremony,” we are not free.

    Oh, but that’s just marriage commissioners. Well, when they came for the marriage commissioners’ right to say no, I didn’t speak up. When they came for Cory’s right to publish his uninformed gibberish, I didn’t speak up. And finally when they came for my right to publish my well informed, articulate response, well, there was no one left to speak up.

    • It’s simple Craig, civic politics is renouned for being a hotspot for wingnuts (I cannot say civic politics without thinking Jack Layton), and it takes one to know one.

  2. Actually, some of the over-the-top rants about Mr Dirks come extremely close to be ‘Christianophobic’. To read some of the commentators, anyone who is a professed and practicing Christian should be barred from any participation in elected government. They want Christian tax money – and Christian behaviour within the community – but not Christian participation Ironically, these same commentators fawn over any evidence of ‘multiculturalism’ in public life; though they never bother to check out the doctrines of the faiths these other groups preach.

    Reminds me of Catherine Ford’s comment that she would really like Preston Manning as a neighbour; not so much as an elected leader.

  3. Cory, why would you have a problem of the teaching of BOTH (I know that you didn’t say you did) naturalistic evolution, and intelligent design in school through a scientific basis (evidence for and against both)? Shouldn’t schools (especially public institutions) be a place that children are taught to think and reason and to ponder what is correct and not. Science shouldn’t be controversial (I happen to be a creationist that sees evidence in nature for this view), but am not threatened by the teaching of evolution as a scientific theory.

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