Stop spawning independence parties!

I know. It sounds odd hearing from a dedicated independence advocate who literally formed an independence party back in 1999 saying we need to stop creating these parties.

Think about that though.

It has been over 24 years since I founded the Alberta Independence Party and neither that party nor the many other independence-leaning parties have made so much as a significant dent in an election. In fact, they are polling so low when they go to the voters, it is embarrassing.

Independence parties keep coming and going and people are investing a lot of political and literal capital into them which could be more effectively directed elsewhere.

Support for provincial independence has been polled as high as 25% and even a little more in Alberta. Independence parties struggle to break 2% when they go to elections.

Last fall, in the constituency of Brooks-Medicine Hat a by-election was held. That is prime territory for independence supporters. The Wildrose Independence Party garnered 0.44% of the vote while the Independence Party of Alberta took 1.77% of the support. Even combined, that is barely enough to be called a toehold of support.

It doesn’t help that independence parties love ripping themselves to pieces with infighting. The Independence Party of Alberta fired, then apparently rehired their leader Artur Pawlowski in the last few months. Likewise, the Wildrose Independence Party split and turfed their leader Paul Hinman and for awhile, they had two boards and two leaders all claiming to represent the party.

As the 2023 Alberta general election approaches, no independence party is in any kind of condition to seriously contest even a single seat, much less the election as a whole.

Support for independence in the West exists and it is ready to be fostered and grown. We won’t hit the tipping point of independence support through an independence party though and we have to quit wasting time on that approach.

Independence supporters need to participate in party politics but they need to do it within existing parties. They are just hitting their heads on the wall by constantly creating and imploding new parties.

Independence-promoting groups are essential and while they may come and go as well, they don’t hinder the movement like parties do.

We need to promote independence as individuals and in groups. Quit pissing around with new parties though. That path has been more than proven as a failure now.

The Sovereigntist’s Handbook charts the path to independence. I have learned from my mistakes and documented them. Let’s quit repeating them.

Get a copy and get to work on productively building the base of support for Western independence that we need. It’s time to start winning for a change.

We can’t save Canada, but we can save the West

Progressives will never learn. They will utterly bankrupt a state before admitting their ideology is fundamentally flawed. That’s why Trudeau appears permanently entrenched as Canada’s Prime Minister no matter how many scandals plague him. Central Canada just won’t vote any other way.

There is hope though and we need only look south of the border. The United States has its share of progressive fools and we are witnessing them destroying the entire West coast and the Northeastern seaboard (with a couple exceptions).

Taxes are exploding while crime is out of control in Democrat-run states. California, Oregon, and Washington have allowed their major cities to become war zones due to permissive policies enabling crime and addiction. Chicago, New York and Detroit are enjoying the same situation.

People are voting with their feet and the trend is both striking and inspiring.

Look at the map below and note the clusters of Democrat states in blue.

Now look at the list of states losing population due to interstate migration from 2020-2022.

Almost a million people fled California where Gavin Newsom’s reign of error has decimated the economy and turned the cities into war zones. Businesses and citizens of ambition are getting the hell out while they can.

New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Mayland, Michigan, Ohio…. All losing population. Match that with the map and the trend is pretty clear. Democrat states are driving away their own citizens.

So where are these interstate refugees going?

Well as the image below indicates, the trend is undeniable. They are heading for Republican managed states.

Just look at that. Florida, Texas are taking in nearly as many folks as California and New York have lost. North Carolina appears to be an exception. Arizona was gaining population until 2022 but they just went Democrat so let’s see how that trend holds.

The trend is clear as day. Republican states are drawing in far more interstate migrants than Democrat states.

This will lead to bigger divides. The people fleeing Democrat states sure won’t be voting for more Democrat governments in their new homes. Likewise, the Democrat states having lost conservative citizens, will continue to drift left. Until their economies totally crash at least. When you specialize in gathering the addicted, the entitled and the non-ambitious, your future doesn’t look bright.

Now, back to Canada.

The Western provinces will continue to draw enterprise and the ambitious while Central Canada continues to try and subsidize its way to prosperity. Vancouver has become a dystopian nightmare in the West.

While parts of the West will naturally draw ambitious migrants, it can still do better. Western provinces need to work harder to court new citizens from central Canada. Let’s speed up the process of population redistribution based on values such as ambition, individualism, and personal responsibility.

Western Canada can be the last bastion of common sense and prosperity as the rest of the nation sinks itself with failed progressive policies. We have our share of work to do first though.

We need to flush out the progressive civil governments we have apathetically let entrench themselves in our major cities. They are turning the urban areas into ghettos with their enablement policies and hindering prospective new immigration of both people and capital.

Provincial governments can also do their part by taking over law enforcement and offering policies of addiction rehabilitation and mental health supports to counter the addiction epidemic enabled by progressive politicians. We are already seeing that happen in Alberta as treatment-based policies for addiction have led to a reduction in overdoses while other provinces have seen them only rise. We need to carry on with that path and create safe healthy cities ready to embrace the incoming refugees from progressive cities.

The West will continue to be bled by the East of course. Progressive governments will punish Western provinces for daring to prosper while progressive policies fail in the East.

That is when the independence movement will truly blossom. It’s not a matter of if the West will seek independence, it’s a matter of when. We can’t start preparing for the transition fast enough though.

We need to prepare and build the base required to win a referendum. Part of that will be through drawing in conservative Canadians and part will be through organizing on the ground.

The Sovereigntist’s Handbook charts that path and shows the way. Be sure to get your copy and spread the word.

We can’t save it all but we can save a large part.

Order here.