Racists, junkies and sex offenders. Camp Cloud has it all.

While the City of Burnaby continues to sit on its hands, the squatter encampment that calls itself “Camp Cloud” continues to spiral ever more out of control.

Violent eruptions are becoming common place while rampant and open hard drug use seems to be taking over the encampment.

Here is an account from a native activist who used to be supportive of the camp. After having been repeatedly groped by the camp members who have also harassed female joggers and in seeing the drug use she gave up on them. The camp also apparently houses and twice convicted child molester. This was a common theme as multiple child molesters were found to be dwelling in the “occupy” Calgary squatter encampment years ago. They seem drawn to these places. The full account is below.

Here is a video of the impaired denizens of Camp Cloud assaulting a young couple.

Here is a video of the matriarch of Camp Cloud going on a racist rant calling Chief Ernie Crey a “son of a bitch raised by white trash”.

Here is a part of a video that Camp Cloud shared today. At the 18 second mark, one can see the filthy collection of syringes that they keep presumably for hard drug use.

Here is a picture showing their two story shack built illegally and dangerously under power lines.

They have ignored multiple eviction orders and manage an open fire during a fire ban due to dry conditions.


Will it be an overdose? Will it be a rape? Maybe a murder? Maybe a few more assaults? How about if they set fire to the area and burn down some of the neighboring homes?

This is a national embarrassment and something needs to be done.

These criminals will be evicted.

The only question that remains is by whom.

Will it be by the authorities or will it be by the hundreds who have been gathering on facebook at the group linked below who are planning to do it themselves?


Only time will tell and it is passing quickly.

Its time for citizens to get to work and clean up “Camp Cloud”

The ramshackle two story shack built dangerously under a power line acts as a giant, symbolic middle finger to Canadians who value commerce under the rule of law. Indeed as can be seen in the picture above, the squatters in the encampment that they have named “Camp Cloud” like to use the shack to stand upon and literally give the finger to Canadians.

The shack and the surrounding mix of tents, trailers and trash send a message to the the world investment community. It says that the administration within Canada is so cowardly, they will let a group of miscreants set up an illegal encampment in a community and impede legal commerce with impunity. It says that following process and law in Canada is pointless as crazed, extreme minority groups can bring your efforts to a halt on a whim and the state will do nothing to protect your investment. It tells neighboring property owners in Burnaby that compliance with bylaws, construction standards and public safety rules is only expected of them as legal, taxpaying homeowners. Self-identified “water protectors” can squat at will without paying any taxes and while flaunting all local laws.

The continued presence of “Camp Cloud” sends the message that violence is an acceptable means of discourse as the squatters repeatedly have assaulted people in the area as shown in the video below.


Click here for the full account of the latest violent encounter with “Camp Cloud”.

The City of Burnaby sneaks in during the early hours to drop eviction notices for “Camp Cloud” and scurries away. The city gives the squatters 72 hours notice to vacate due to a plethora of safety and bylaw violations. The squatters scornfully ignore the warning and are rewarded as the callow authorities do nothing to enforce the law.

The camp grows more deeply entrenched and the violent, entitled attitude of its dwellers grows. Why shouldn’t it? It appears that they are above the law. Warnings are toothless.

Enough is enough.

If the authorities will not clean up “Camp Cloud” it becomes incumbent upon citizens to do so. Energy workers have endured a deep recession for years only to have economic recovery hindered by illegal opposition to energy infrastructure. Many of them are more than happy to take a day to come out to clean things up. Many Burnaby residents are ready to come out and help clean up their community. Many citizens in general are tired of a government that lets extremists walk all over them.

I created a facebook group late last night to gather these citizens and organize the cleanup. By this morning the members neared 200 and it continues to grow. Click here to join in the organization effort. 

Its time to bring this standoff to a head.

The illegal and dangerous squatter encampment called “Camp Cloud” is going to come to an end in coming weeks. Whether the clean up is done by authorities or whether it is done by the group I am organizing is up to the state. I and others are going to continue planning, gathering people and organizing them under the assumption that we will have to do this ourselves.

We are left with no other choice.

Competition brings better outcomes in politics as with enterprise.

Let’s face it, barring a complete meltdown the UCP will be forming the next government of Alberta as soon as they get a chance in a general election. While politics are volatile and strange things happen, I don’t think I am taking a long shot position here. While Albertans were clearly discontent with the old PC government and they were not yet ready to trust the nascent Wildrose Party, they did not really understand just how brutal an NDP government could be until they got a taste of one for a few years. We won’t be going back to that for a long time.

That said, we should not let the government in waiting take that status for granted. We need an incoming government that will win the election based on goals and principles. Just winning for the sake of getting rid of the NDP is indeed appealing enough on its own but we still need the party to demonstrate and maintain a commitment to the conservative, grassroots principles upon which it was built. This will be much less likely to happen if there is no competition to the UCP from the right flank.

No, we don’t need to split the vote again. It must be remembered though, it was not simply a vote split that got us the NDP government of today. The NDP won due to an appallingly arrogant and disconnected PC government and a Wildrose opposition that was still recovering from being torn apart from its former leader. There was never a risk in prior elections of electing socialists despite there always being multiple options on the right. Conservatives had managed to put multiple unpalatable options before the electorate in 2015 and we all paid the price.

As it began to look inevitable that there would only be one conservative option on the table in next general election, everything suddenly changed when Derek Fildebrandt popped up as the interim leader of the newly re-branded Freedom Conservative Party.

There is little sense beating around the bush. Derek ran out of partisan options and that is his prime motivation in taking on this new party. Through a series of incidents due to a terrible lack of judgement, Fildebrandt left Kenney with few options but to keep him out of the UCP at least by my interpretation.

That said, I like Derek. He is smart, driven and doesn’t beat around the bush. He is driven by solid libertarian/conservative principles and has a great history of holding politicians to account. While his maverick ways have made him difficult to handle in a partisan setting, he is an asset in the legislature. It really is too bad that it has come to his being on the outside looking in with the UCP but it is clear that he isn’t giving up and this could be a productive thing.

Nobody said that forming the next government would be easy and I am sure that Kenney has never been under any illusions that it would be. Trying to coast as an opposition party and hiding from issues is not a good way to get there however. When the choice was made for UCP members to walk out over and over again rather than face and debate the NDP on their abortion clinic “bubble zone” bill, I was pretty disappointed.

Any political watcher knew that the bill was a political trap. Yes, the NDP were trying to make the non-issue of abortion access into a current issue and that was the point of the bill. Well, too damn bad. Trap or not, it is the role of the opposition to examine these bills and to offer either support or constructive opposition. By walking out the UCP did neither.

Fildebrandt was the lone working opposition member on this bill. He proposed amendments to the bill, they predictably got shot down by the NDP & he voted against the bill with a clear conscience based on that. The world didn’t label him a crazed anti-woman member and life carried on. He did his job.

There will doubtless be other bills set as traps in the coming months as an increasingly desperate NDP tries to find a way to make the Kenney juggernaut implode on social issues. With another conservative party on the sidelines willing to give a reasoned opposition to these efforts, it will be tougher for the UCP caucus to duck and hide on these bills. They will only be giving more legitimacy to the FCP. This makes for a better democracy for us.

One of the most elusive yet critical facets of parliamentary democracy in Canada is free legislative votes. Many parties pay lip service to free votes but it is rare when they practice them. Whipped votes are an insult to the electorate who send not one but 87 members to the legislature. I know I am being idealistic but we really could get some better political outcomes with a number of unrestrained voices speaking to, debating on and voting on issues in the legislature rather than a couple parties doing what are essentially token whipped votes.

An escape hatch has to be present in order to allow some degree of caucus freedom. The NDP has the Alberta Party to woo and pull discontented left wing members. The UCP now has the FCP to their right. These options will hardly cure all ills for the parties but it will make the leaderships consider things a little more before cracking the whip at times.

Fildebrandt’s assertion that the FCP will only run candidates in constituencies where it is pretty much impossible to win despite multiple vote splits is critical here too. Nobody wants to take a chance on giving the Notley government four more years. I will be living in Banff-Kananaskis when the writ drops. The thought of having Cam “the Weenie” Westhead as my MLA for four years is appalling. There is no way I would entertain the thought of supporting an FCP or any other right of center candidate in my constituency for even a heartbeat. I am sure that reasonable voters in any other constituencies where the NDP may remain in play feel the same.

Time will tell if the FCP develops into a productive entity or simply becomes a haven for malcontents and second place UCP nomination contestants.

I do feel that reasonable opposition from the right is essential for us in Alberta and I think that to a degree the FCP will be able to provide that. I want to see unrestrained voices speaking politically. Not hateful or insane voices (though those labels will be tossed out there) but voices that are not afraid to rattle cages a bit. We can’t make worthwhile changes if we hide from the tough issues.

I am not sour on the UCP. I want and look forward to them forming our next government with Jason Kenney as our Premier. I also however want that administration to be held to account as effectively as possible. Hopefully the FCP can aid in doing that. Time will tell as this new party begins to fill out. It will be interesting if nothing else.

“Gotcha” politics don’t win elections.

It is doubtless that NDP operatives & their allies at Vice giggled themselves to sleep last week as they prepared to release what they felt was a pivotal media “gotcha” shortly before the voters in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake would go to the polls in a by-election.

Who knows how long Vice sat on this “scoop” but let’s not bullshit here, they clearly sat on it until just before the election was held in hopes of having the most possible negative impact on the UCP candidate.

Yes, they had found out that Devin Dreeshen had been active on Trump’s campaign a couple years ago. On top of this revelation, there was a picture of Dreeshen in a MAGA hat.

This is “gotcha” gold Jerry!

The usual suspects on the left went wild on twitter and facebook around the clock when the picture came out. Why, this was akin to the UCP running Hitler right?

Surely the voters in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake will abandon the UCP en masse at the polls.

Yes the UCP would likely still win, but their support would surely drop. While NDP may not enjoy all of the gains of this collapse in UCP support, the nascent left-wing Alberta Party will doubtless see a surge in support right?

To the horror of the myopic left, the great “gotcha” of 2018 appeared not to mean a damn thing to the electorate.

Dreeshen won with an astounding 82% of the vote. 

The existing NDP support had collapsed from 23% down to a paltry 9%

The Alberta Party and the Liberal Party proved themselves yet again to be utterly electorally insignificant with showings of 7% and 1%.

David Inscho ran as an independent representing the “Marilyn Burns Party” to bring in a whopping 63 votes.

While some are doggedly trying to dismiss this outcome, it is significant. Many tried to claim that it was not granted that the voters who used to support the Progressive Conservative Party and the Wildrose Party would not come together under the new UCP.

Well, the combined PC and Wildrose votes were 71% in the last election. The UCP didn’t simply combine that support, they increased it.

Gotcha indeed.

But what about the Fort McMurray-Conklin race?

It was revealed that not only did UCP candidate Laila Goodridge work for a time for CPC MP Joan Crockatt, she spent time as a political staffer in Ottawa!

While not as good a “gotcha” as her having helped the evil Trump, this was profound indeed!

This would surely drive voters into the arms of the NDP in Fort McMurray-Conklin. It works just like that narrative that Jason Kenney wasn’t Albertan because he spent time in Ottawa as an MP. That has nearly made Kenney unelectable in Calgary right?


Laila Goodridge with the UCP came in with exactly the combined past PC and Wildrose vote with 66% and a decisive win.

The NDP did maintain their past support level at nearly 30% and the Liberals and Alberta Party candidates remained consistently insignificant at 3% and 1%.

How is it possible that these UCP candidates managed to pull off such huge wins despite the rage and horror that dominated social media about them for weeks?

To put it simply, voters don’t really give a shit what hyperpartisan types say on Twitter and Facebook. They choose based on looking at what the parties as a whole have to offer and pay passing attention at best to whatever the faux outrage of the week is on social media.

Right now the left is swarming and raging over the nomination shenanigans in the UCP and the improper use of constituency funds by the now former UCP MLA Prab Gill.

These issues are important to political wonks and are important in the broader vision of principled politics but they really don’t mean a thing to the common voter at the door (or most importantly in the voting booth).

I love partisan online games and nasty shots. I thrive on them. I never have deluded myself to the point of thinking that those games have a heavy impact on the electorate. At best I bring specific issues a little more into the spotlight for a time and hopefully speed the rectification of them a little bit.

Personally, I hope that the left sticks to their games of gotcha. I hope that they continue to label the party that is currently supported by the majority of Albertans as being extreme or even fascist. While they won’t bring Albertans to their cause this way, they will entrench support for conservatives even more deeply as they get tired of being called troglodytes for supporting parties other than the NDP or left wing Alberta Party.

I will leave off with a few choice tweets that I saved from election night demonstrating the respect that the NDP types online show towards the electorate.

NDP MLA Marie Renaud got right into the game

This NDP supporter feels that rural Albertans would vote for a cow patty


This NDP supporter compared supporting Dreeshen to supporting a mass murderer

This NDP supporter did a double gotcha by calling Goodridge an outsider and Dreeshen a “Trumpist”


Free vacation property in Burnaby! Join me in building a party palace!

I know this sounds too good to be true. With real estate prices in lower mainland BC skyrocketing, how could Burnaby possibly be letting people build vacation homes for free?

Well the precedent has been set.

A large group of bums has been constructing buildings and clearing land to make their own personal little vacation spots outside of the Kinder Morgan terminal in Burnaby since last winter.

Clearly the city of Burnaby and the province of British Columbia have declared a lawless zone right there in the city where anybody can build and reside without paying a nickel!

Zoning and building codes clearly do not apply in this free land zone either as the local squatters have even erected a two story building right underneath a three phase power line. Here they are pictured giving the middle finger to all of Canada.

If these guys can build for free in Burnaby, why can’t anybody else?

I contend that we can, we should and we will!

Burnaby is beautiful in August. Lets set the date for Saturday, August 18 this year for us all to build our little vacation paradise.

Bring wood. Bring tarps. Bring saws. Bring stereos. Bring furniture. Bring trailers and bring broken down old cars!

Have an old trailer gathering dust in the back yard? Bring it out and put it to use!

Lets hold the biggest summer party that Burnaby has ever seen (outside the Kinder Morgan terminal anyway).

Fire permits don’t apply either. The current squatters are claiming that their fire is “sacred”.

Well, we are in luck. I am an ordained Pastafarian minister and as can be seen in the picture of me while deep in prayer, I carry the mark of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We are on a mission from FSM and keeping the fire burning in order to cook pasta is our holy right! After all, He boiled for our sins!

While writing with tongue somewhat planted in cheek, I am serious.

Lets do it. How often do we get a zone in such a beautiful area as that part of Burnaby opened up for full and total free use? Lets make the most of this people! Book that weekend. Get that hammer and nails.

Email me at albertarep@hotmail.com so we can communicate and organize.

We can make this summer truly unforgettable.